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Everything is a Burp Cloth, If Your Desperate Enough.

Posted on the 22 August 2015 by Bridgesfolly @Bridgesfolly

The first two months with Gordon, or Bubba, as we like to call him, were fairly uneventful. He slept most of the time while I was on maternity leave, so it got boring at times. Right out of the gate he was a wonderful sleeper, usually only waking once or twice a night to feed. He’s also been a pretty happy baby from the get-go. He rarely fusses inconsolably, most often the culprit is hunger, gas, or needing cuddles (which i’m only too happy to oblige). I suppose being as miserable as I was toward the end of the pregnancy paid off as i’m absolutely sure that how big he was is in direct coloration with how happy he is and how well he sleeps.

We’ve been so blessed with not only a gloriously happy baby but a perfect balance between our schedules that doesn’t require us to send him to daycare. My husband works Tuesday through Saturday from 4am to 7am and on the weekends

Just one of the many gems I get while I'm at work

Just one of the many gems I get while I’m at work

all day. Monday through Friday he’s home with the baby while I’m at work, and on the weekends we switch. He’s also going to school full time and just recently enrolled in a class on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Thankfully his mom can fill the gap so I’m able to leave for work like normal. The amount of money we’re saving is ridiculous – I had priced out daycare just in case and it was over a thousand a month. That’s more than we pay in rent for our 3 bedroom house!

Going back to work wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be, but there are days when I hate being away from him and hound Jared for pictures. My work did accommodate me with a place to pump in private, so we’re still able to keep up with giving Bubs breast-milk almost exclusively. We usually give him a bottle of formula for his feeding before bed because it stays with him longer, thus helping him sleep longer. At least it used to. Of course right at his 3 month birthday, 3 days ago, he started teething. He’s always been a little ahead of his milestones but that is one i had wished we could have postponed for a bit. He’s not overly fussy about the pain of it but he sure does like to gnaw on our knuckles or his fist, and has started waking every 2 hours at night because mommy doesn’t need to sleep anyway.

In all, parenthood is wonderful. I may be exhausted and covered in spit-up but I absolutely love my Bubba.

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