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WWTF Is Back: I Used to Think

Posted on the 20 September 2012 by Bridgesfolly @Bridgesfolly

WWTF Is Back: I Used to Think

Are you ready? Are you excited? Are you pumped?! YEAH?! Lets do this thing!

Tonight for the WWTF the trending topic was #Iusedtothink. Obviously we’ve all thought silly things in our younger years but there were quite a few that really bring into question the upbringing of the Tweeter. As always, there were about a-friggin-million tweets of some heart-wrenching Taylor Swift song about thinking your relationship would be forever and quite a few about Justin Beiber (Bieber?). I’ll spare you the puke-inducing attention-whoring… mostly. Onward, HO!

#iusedtothink money came out of womens titis lol—
ϟ He Live or Sum ϟ (@ItsManny_Hoe) September 19, 2012

What exactly is a ‘titis’?

#iusedtothink I was forever alone & that I wasn't good enough. no one has proved me wrong—
jordan. ✌ (@J_breezynigg) September 19, 2012

Yes, because at the ripe old age of 14 you have officially crossed over into senile cat-lady. Puh-lease.

#iusedtothink that when your getting married and you do that kiss thing at the end, your automatically pregnant.—
Jasmine Almanzar (@Jasmineexx3) September 19, 2012

You’re*x 2

#iusedtothink I was going to marry @justinbieber ….no, I still think I will marry @justinbieber
miranda dasilva (@miranda_sayss) September 19, 2012

You and every other tween girl on the planet. Maybe if Mitt Romney is president he will legalize Polygamy.

#IUsedToThink My dick was made of silver. Turns out my shit golden—
Jay Bombay (@Swanky_Nigga) September 19, 2012

You might want to get that checked out.

#IUsedToThink Dat I Never Settle Down & Stop Breaking Hoes Hearts But I Did.!!!—
$$ L•®•G T £ Z O $$ (@RichKid_Tezo) September 19, 2012

Next goal: Spelling and punctuation

#iusedtothink that terrorist and tourist where the same thing.—
Preston muir (@P_Muir7) September 19, 2012

Well, depending on how you look at it…

#iusedtothink with my peanus—
Miguel Ocando (@MiguelOcando) September 19, 2012

So… do you spell and type with your penis too?

#iusedtothink the dead animals on the side of the road were just sleeping.—
Emily Turner (@emilyryant) September 20, 2012

The blood and guts didn’t tip you off at all?

#iusedtothink I actually meant something to you… I was sadly mistakened.—
ღsωεεт ℓσvεღ (@_LoveMariee) September 20, 2012

It’s okay, we all are ‘mistakened’ at some point.

#iusedtothink When people die in movies they died In real life—
The Big Cheese (@ItsQuesoooo) September 20, 2012

(Real talk; I actually did too)

#iusedtothink the Alphabet Song and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star were 2 different songs. (sing them to find out what I mean)—
Devonte M. Grady (@Vonte____) September 20, 2012

Mind = Blown

#iusedtothink i had weird super powers where i could tell when it was gonna rain. (:—
ÇH£Y£NN£RÖDRIGU£Z.♥ (@C_Rizzzle) September 20, 2012

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