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Fashion Rules!

Posted on the 22 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
As You may know from my previous posts, i really enjoy reading magazines, especially the "tips" sections. One of my Favourites that i actually collect is the "Free for all" Magazine...which is uhmm free for all! Obviously one of the reasons why i love it. It's got pretty helpful articles and i dont even have to pay a Rand!..Doesn't that sound awesome?Well I was re-reading through my older collection and came across this article on fashion rules that was straight to the point & simple to understand. Thought it'll be cool to have it up on my blog. Now i'm not super super crazed about being perfect when it comes to fashion. But i do believe it is important to take care of yourself and look presentable.People only have one first impression of you...Thandi
So I Quote...
 "Abide by these simple fashion rules and kiss any fashion disasters goodbye!
Rule1When you are looking for a "new look" - Start with one basic item. Make it a pair of jeans or a cool funky shirt or gypsy skirt. It's easy to mix and match these items to get the look you are after
Fashion Rules!
 Rule2When layering your look, remember that some patterns look great together and some are a disaster. Use Your big sister or best Friends for advice till you get the right look
Fashion Rules!
I must admit though, layering can be hard to do. But that looks cute :) Rule3Make sure all your shoes are comfy. Slopping around in shoes that are too big or too high makes you look clumsy
Fashion Rules!
I Wouldnt survive 5mins in that THING...Rule4Never squeeze yourself into clothes that are too tight. Make sure that everything fits correctly and are comfortable. There is nothing worse than seeing someone tugging and pulling at uncomfy clothes
 Rule5Never buy anything because it is "trendy" ot the "In thing". The cut or length might not suit you. Go for what you know looks good on you!
Fashion Rules!The only unfitting thing should be an Oversized jersey!! Looks so so soooo cute! I' in the process of getting one. But the ladies section dont have it yet so i think i shall shop in the male section for the first time in my life!!..oh lordRule6Always check the mirror before you leave the house. Bed hair looks crazy at the movies!
Rule7You can fool everyone into thinking you have new outfits if you are clever with accessories. Bangles, Bags and belts can make a HUGE difference
Fashion Rules!
 Rule8 Faded favorite old cloths need to go onto the jumble pile! old truck suit pants, no matter how comfy, need to be replaced everyone now and again."
And i unQuote
Fashion Rules!

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