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Fight For Humanity..

Posted on the 30 December 2013 by Heartbaredtoyou121 @naughtytushki

On a dull winter evening
The clouds stood out
Fighting like a bunch of grapes
Pushing each other out of shapes

And so the humungous cloud
That engulfed all others that stood
Roared a beastly roar
And the ghastly wind
That followed
Uprooted many a timbers
Tossing around man and animals
As if on a daily grind


Next thing I recall
Was that cliffside
And the savage sea
Pouncing for me
Before I could fall

Again I woke up
I feared and saw
Nothing but ravaged lands
An unknown face
An unknown place
I wondered for once
If I had ran
Against the race..

I picked my brains
A bit here, a wee bit there
Cloud drew in my mind
Alas !
After a momentary despair

And It caught my fancy
How divided we are !
How lifeless, yet free !
We fight for pennies
We fight for lands
We fight for water
We fight for sands

But I wince in
Misery, sadness and pain
When the angels asked,

“Why ?
Why didn’t you ever fight for humanity ?”

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