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For Allison :) Part 1

Posted on the 16 June 2012 by Nickmcdonald @W_W_O_Nick_McD
I haven't written in a while, sorry I tried to make it a thing to write a post every day, but fuck that. It's a lot of work and I don't even get paid or anything. I'll write when I feel like it.
Back to the point of this post. A day or two... or three ago? I'm not sure when it was, it has been a weird couple days but I will get to that later. So anyways.... I got an email from a girl named Allison, we started talking a bit but then she just didn't reply, it was pretty late like 11-12 I think she probably fell asleep or something. I'm not sure why she didn't email back, but what the hell. She requested that I write more about myself, and my past, because apparently she finds that interesting, so maybe you do too. So without further adieu, here is my life story...
I was born on April 25th 1994 and went home to what was then my families winery, Crowsnest vineyards in Cawston, British Columbia. I don't remember my life there, I only see glimpses. We moved to our next house when I was three. I remember when we got there, there were repairs that needed to be done, I can't remember what, and when they were done, I just remember what everything looked like when it was done. I do remember that when we just moved in there was a set of those cowboy style door things that swing out both ways separating the kitchen from the dinning room. I remember because me and my brother were playing with them, running back and forth through them. A little while after we moved in my parents had another baby, my little sister.
So at this point our family was complete. Mom, Dad, big brother, little sister, and me, we were a happy family.
My life as a child was pretty normal, I was a happy kid, I had a big group of good friends, I ran around teasing girls, had my crushes, I was like everyone else, maybe even more out going than most. I went to Cawston Primary School, it's a school that goes from kindergarten to grade 4. I laugh every time I drive by it, every time it comes into my mind, it reminds me of a time when I was just a kid, I remember all of the snowball fights, every day hanging out with my best friends, playing basketball, 4 square, climbing on the climbing things, occasionally sneaking behind the big row of trees blocking the view of the cars driving by, then getting caught by the teachers and getting a talking to about the dangers of being unsupervised. It was a great time in my life.
That concludes part one of my life story, I was going to do the whole thing but I realized that that would be a fucking LOT of writing, so I'll break it into sections. I'll write the next one when I have time, I probably have like two more in me, maybe more I'm not sure.
I'll skip ahead to the present and tell you what is going with me right now. I am best friends with my ex girlfriend, it is very stressful. I can't tell you more than this because for once I don't feel comfortable, my life is one thing, but I can't write about hers. I'm pretty broken up about everything, you can probably get that if you have read some of my previous posts. But it's over, I have to accept that, I can't keep crying over what could have been, I have to move on. I had a very bad day yesterday, I got drunk, I don't usually get drunk, I liked it, that scares me; I don't want to be one of those people that drinks their troubles away, but it helps me so much, it just makes me stop crying, and I'm feeling better today. Today has been a better day for me, and that is saying a lot because a lot of bad things have happened today. Today I went tanning, then I worked out for like an hour, I never work out, and it felt good for once, then I went tanning again and over did it and now have a fucking MASSIVE sunburn all over my whole body, front and back. And that isn't even the thing that is bothering me, I can't tell you about what is actually bothering me today. And that actually also bothers me a bit.
And Allison, email me back if you want, I love talking to people.
Nick McDonald

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