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Posted on the 10 October 2012 by Nickmcdonald @W_W_O_Nick_McD
So I only have 15 minutes until I have to be in my network/telecomm class so I have to make this short. Why I chose to start writing now is totally stupid given that I just had a two hour break that consisted of nothing but eating cheese buns and staring awkwardly at girls as they walked by.
So something that I just noticed as I walked into this building is that I think about my love life and girls WAY to much, I'm sure I'm not the only one. There is this girl who is in most of my classes, she's cute, nice, whatever we've talked a couple times; But she's like 24 years old, I know that. I'm 18, I know that there is no chance what so ever of us being anything but friends, and I'm fine with that, I don't really even want that. There are other girls, ones my age that I have far higher chances with, and would actually be interested in me. I really don't care about how she sees me, so why am I still awkward around her? It's weird; I should just not be attracted to her and not even think about her like that but I guess thats just how my brain works.... I just find that to be odd and I felt like writing sooooo yeah, class is about to start so bye bye :)
Until next time
Nick McDonald

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