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For as Long as You Believe

Posted on the 10 June 2017 by Brinda @BrindaKrish
They go by many names and take many forms. They bring wonder and hope and joy and dreams. 
Last night, I watched Rise of the guardians, and like I say, children's movie always leave behind a valuable learning. 
My key takeaway from the movie-- what do you believe in? 
The movie kicks off with Santa Clause summoning the Easter bunny, Sandy and tooth fairy because boogeyman is up to some mischief. He can feel it in his tummy. Now it is up to these four to save the children around the world. But the man in the moon decides, four guardians aren't enough this time. He chooses Jack Frost to be the fifth guardian. Jack Frost is no guardian. No one believes in him. No one believes that it is Jack Frost who brings the snow. No one believes that it is he who designed the game of throwing snow balls. No one believes that Jack Frost is the one responsible for all the fun kids have on a snowy day. No one can see him. He isn't real unlike the tooth fairy who leaves behind a penny or, the easter bunny hiding colorful eggs or, Santa who keeps a list of naughty or nice or, Sandy who is the reason for sweet dreams. Why, even the guardians do not believe Jack Frost can be a guardian. He is just games and fun. No serious business. But the man in the moon's decision is final. Jack Frost is assigned to be a guardian. And now, it is up to Jack and the four guardians to save the children from the boogeyman hiding under their beds, giving them bad dreams. 

For as long as you believe

Pic credit: Google images

As the battle begins, boogey man first attacks Sandy, and robs children of their sweet dreams. It robs them of imagination and creativity and they are filled with fear. As children stop believing in "sweet dreams" Sandy begins loosing his powers. Next, the boogey man captures the tooth fairy's army so that they can not replace children's tooth under the pillow with a penny. All the easter eggs are destroyed. The children not finding easter eggs,  stop believing in the easter bunny and as the kids stop believing in the easter bunny, he starts loosing all his powers. Children all over the world are robbed of their beliefs in the guardians. But there is one boy who still believes. And that one boy is enough for Jack Frost to save the world and give kids their joy and hope. To bring wonder and hope. And as the kids start believing in the guardians, the guardians start getting their power back, defeating evil. 

For as long as you believe

Image courtesy: Google Images

What we believe in is what we give power to. For you to achieve anything, you first need to believe you can achieve it. You need to imagine it happening to you. If you need success, define what success means to you. Now start believing your success story. Start visualizing your success. It will change your attitude. It will empower you to change your actions to reach where you want to be. Do you think happy people have every thing? No. Not really. But they act in a way which shows they have every thing. It is their attitude. It is their behavior. They believe what they have is sufficient to be happy. Yes, fear comes and sadness comes. It is all a part of the game. It is life. But how you behave under any circumstance, is your choice. the choices you make are directly proportional to what your values are. And your values stem out of what you believe in. 
For as long as you believe, the guardians will save you with their lives. 
Need something to start believing in? Start by believing, you are loved. You are masterpiece created for a reason. 

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