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Free Pregnancy Gift Boxes

Posted on the 04 August 2013 by Bvulcanius @BVulcanius

When you’re pregnant in the Netherlands, there are quite a lot of companies that want to vie for your business. The result is that some companies, usually big brands, put together a gift box for the pregnant citizen. You can collect such a gift box  in exchange for some of your personal data. I have already collected two boxes and there was no need for me to prove in any way that I am actually pregnant.

The first box I collected was from a baby store called Baby-Dump and it contained a stuffed animal (a white seal), two sippy cups, two plastic food containers, three flexible spoons a pacifier, and a onesie.


Some stuff from the Baby-Dump gift box.

The second box I collected was from a drug store called Etos and it contained a blue blankie with a bear, two diapers, zinc ointment, baby wipes, another pacifier and lots of magazines for (future) parents.

Some stuff from the Etos (Felicitas) gift box.

Some stuff from the Etos (Felicitas) gift box.

There are at least two more boxes waiting for me at other stores. The joys of being a future mama!


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