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Get Running [to the Pats Game]

Posted on the 09 October 2012 by Mattie @comfyconfident

I had big plans on Sunday to go grocery shopping, make Coconut Curry Beef and organize my meals for the week so I can eat a more meat, veggie, fruit based diet and less gluten, sugar and processed food. Well, within 2 minutes of me posting my meal plan for the week, Vinnie got a call from a friend offering us Patriots tickets! Um… yes, we will go!!
Hello. I could not and would not everrrrrr say NO to the PATSSSS! Get Running [to the Pats Game]


So, instead of going to the grocery store and preparing for the week, we drove down to Gillette stadium. Sometimes you have to adapt! [honestly, that is one of the hardest things with my diet. We are never home or in one place, so it makes it really hard to plan and eat well because I am always on the go.] We arrived in Foxboro around 2pm for a 4:30 kick off. Even though there was a serious threat of ran, all the hard core fans were out and tailgating was in full effect!

We walked around Patriots Place  and got a drink and some soup at Tastings before heading to our seats.

Get Running [to the Pats Game]

It started to rain before the game, so I was super nervous I was going to freeze the whole game, but the weather cleared and it turned out to be a great night. The game was intense but we won!

We couldn’t leave the stadium without getting a sausage and peppers! Vinnies favorite ballgame treat!

Get Running [to the Pats Game]

It was a really nice surprise Sunday activity! It was also really fun to go to the game with Vinnie. I feel like a lot of times when you go to sporting events, there is a lot of emphasis on drinking and buying a lot of food and beer. Vinnie and I didn’t even buy a drink in the stadium. Why spend $10 for a Bud Light? And, it was really nice to not feel that pressure to drink and eat. We enjoyed each others company and had a great time without all that other stuff!

Part of the reason the Pats game was so surprising was because I was out running when Vinnie got the news that we could get tickets! Luckily, I had my phone with me, so he texted me and I quickly hustled home! I was so happy I got a run in and  managed to stay on track with my pre-Boston Marathon training.
The past two weeks I have stayed on track and followed my training program.

Get Running [to the Pats Game]

I started two weeks ago and have managed to complete every scheduled run. If I miss one day, I have made it up another. This coming weekend will be hard because Vinnie and I are going up to UNH for Homecoming! Neither of us went to UNH, but it is always a really fun Fall weekend and we have tons of friends up there! I might have to do 2 runs in one day in order to get all the mileage in… we will see!

Go Pats! Happy Running!


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