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Getting into the Rhythm of the Day

Posted on the 09 May 2012 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn



On the move getting into the groove of the day

Having my cup coffee, sit in a little nook along the wall.

taking a moment for self before going into work.

Sometimes, it isn’t  my favorite place.

I rather be anywhere,Than sitting in a office.

Where I face  the facts, of what  needs to get done.

What I need to do to provide for my family and I

So, Yes, this precious 45 minutes is where I can people watch

and not worry about solving any of there problems.

I can fill in my own imaginative blanks about thier lives.

As I watch a couple with smiling faces as the women rubs her

round belly and who I hope is her husband looks proudly on.

Their story, I conclude would read like most  new families


This brings me to remembering, the birth and the bliss of my first child.

It takes my mind out of the lives of others and  into my own.

Where I become thankful and begin to count my blessings.

#1) my husband and two lovely kids.

#3) working  for a reputable law office as a corporate lawyer.

I could count more for the rest of my 45 minutes,

before heading to work, But, I’d rather enjoy Blessings

#4) some alone time, after car pooling with the hubby, and

#5) my delicious chocolate chip Frappuccino

with an extra shot of espresso. ~The End


Blessings, everyone I’m trying to switch gears a little. So forgive me if something dosen't sound right, or if you feel it’s not me. but I 'am going through another growth spurt with my writing and I 'am bravely displaying, what feels like awkward writing to me.s o if it sounds like it, that’s why. * For my regular group people please feel free to leave some  friendly advice.

With that said It’s Tuesday which means Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. If anyone would like to come and join in the fun than follow this link:


Blessings  Live  #2)Life and be awkward , it can only make us better.~Leah :))


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