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God-Sized Reviewed

Posted on the 12 August 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn


Though,  my little vacation has ended. I have now, ended my first day back to work at both my jobs, in one day. I’ am  feeling refreshed and recharged. I’am not only feeling renewed for the busy season approaching at work. But, I feel my creative bug has been ready to spread it’s wings. It all began when I started reading: You’re made for a God-Sized Dreams by Holley Gerth while on my trip.

I first learned about her through: A Holy Experience a blog by: Ann Voskamp the author of the New York Times best seller  book:  One Thousand Gifts.  Every week she, shares her favorite links. It was during that time I found Holley and a few other  authors with blog sites I will soon share as welll.

Until than,  I will tell you at first sight, her site is encouraging and resourceful.  I also , love the personable feeling I got while there. Her words wrapped around my soul like a friend’s understanding. An understanding that she has struggled as I’ am  now.  With how to use my gift of loving to write in a better way.

I found the answers through  her book. Which gives encouraging advice combined with the Fatherly wisdom of  God in Christ. This helped me to come to some conclusions as to where else I could take my writing and my dreams of encouraging others.

I came to these conclusions after reading  Chapter 1’s: Five Lies That Keep Us From Dreaming. Especially, Lies: 3) It’s too Late, 4) I Don’t Deserve to Dream, and 5) I Don’t Have Time. I found these three comforting to read. She gets being a human who wants to please God and self, at the same time. This is something that I struggle with constantly

I  always had those questions and others such  as:  Is my gift from God? Is this what God wants me to do? How,can I use it to help others. Is  it okay, if I write a book about something else other than faith? I had a lot of questions until I read this faith based book. This gave me something to identify with.  Which added in my clarity to my questions.

This book help gain  further answers, through a series questions after each chapter. Where, I could evaluate my gifts and writing. Especially, as I wrote my answers in my journal.   These exercises also allowed me to work closely with, God, Jesus and Holley herself. Which made the book more interactive for me.

This lead me to some clear conclusions. That, I would like to write  words that glorifies faith. Just as earnest as I do everything else. This will included supporting other Christian writers and creatives more often. Because, I keep company with some  awesome  and positive creative Christians and people in general . Who, inspired me to dig deeper into my faith and share it.  I can only hope to return the favor someday.

*However, I’am a storyteller and not everything I write will be faith based and God’s okay with it.. I say this because, since reading this book, I have  had a heart to heart talk with the Heavenly Father and I listened. I, now feel  better about my writing. A writer, who’s   not compete without the freedom of her faith. I see that now, as I continue reading this book.

In fact, I never want it to end. But, soon I will hit the end call, on my phone. Then,  I will think back on the advice of a  fond conversation of a  caring friend. Yet, the phone will ring again when a  new friend, asks a question of me. All, I can answer in my happiness is “Yes to God!”.

With that being said, I pray you all  with respect, happiness and peace~Amen

God-Sized reviewed

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