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Grad School During Med School

Posted on the 19 June 2013 by Missliabilities
Most of time I just update you guys on how Mori is doing with his school stuff but I usually gloss over my grad school. Taxes are just too boring compared to diagnosing people. :)
Going to grad school while working a full time job has made me develop such respect for parents that go back to school. Besides a whiney cat and a med student who is as dirty as a toddler, I can barely take care of myself let alone children. I go to school twice a week till 9, get home and pass out after a stiff drink. Tuesday and Thursday I try to catch up on homework. Friday is drinking/Netflix night. Saturday and Sunday are typically cleaning and procrastinating days. By the time I finish one class project the next is upon me. Like waves pulling me further from shore.
If I wasn't dating Mori I probably wouldn't feel so overwhelmed. I wouldn't be dumb enough to take two classes in eight weeks with a demanding job. But dating a med student has changed the usual circumstances and it's a race to finish by the time residency rolls around.
It's annoying that most non-medical related people don't understand why I have to make sure I get my degree by the time Mori matches. We are sure to have some non-Pennsylvania programs on our list and what happens if he gets matched into them? I'll probably stay till the end of that summer regardless if we have to move, but if I were to follow the usual time frame it takes to get my degree we would be living apart for 7+ months!
My program director still doesn't understand this and says they could accommodate me but the students that live a couple hours away say that they don't get exceptions for not attending(attendance is part of the grades), some lectures don't get recorded, and others have such poor quality it'd be impossible to understand. Also all exams have to be taken at the school so what if I'm in Texas or North Carolina? Guess I'll have to fly up for one day each semester. Yeah I'm definitely getting this degree by Spring 2015.
The funny thing is Mori will graduate on Saturday the day before I graduate. My parents told me if it was the same day they'd go to Mori's. They are MY parents! Guess I know who is loved more! >:(
It's hard right now with the days being so beautiful but that cap and gown picture of us together in May 2015 is pretty motivating. I can't wait to see our medical and masters degrees hanging in the office next to my CPA, our college degrees, and our rival high school degrees. They are going to look so wonderful!

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