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Posted on the 29 October 2015 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
So on Monday I graduated from the University of Chichester, whilst I had difficulty (as mentioned in a previous blog post) I didn't have the best time at University. I'm happy to talk more in depth about it, especially if you're considering going to this University!
So, Graduation. The whole thing goes VERY quick, names are read you walk up to the stage, get your degree, cross the stage, shake a hand, handed a piece of paper, left the theater and get your actual degree. That was a very long process! I think what annoyed me most was that we didn't get a real scroll- dam! I was also expecting a very fancy looking degree- like they do in America, but we just got a regular piece of paper. It was nothing like I expected, but I'm happy to have a degree. I decided against professional photos too, as they were very pricey!
My thoughts on graduating? It feels like nothings changed. not yet. I'm currently writing a book that I started to write during my time at University, entitled 'Rewind Christmas'. Which I hope to finish by next Christmas! I'm working at a coffee shop, which is very fulfilling, it can be tiring but I'm grateful for a job. And saving for bigger things, travel mostly! I'd same I'm coasting, floating along as many graduates do. I hope though by the end of next year I will be doing greater things than I am now, but nobody knows how the future goes.
In regards to studying further, completing a Masters is not on the cards right now.  Maybe later on though I will, I haven't decided where either.
I was discussing my degree with my mom yesterday. In retrospective, I wish I'd done things in a different order, working hard first, travelling, reading etc. and then going to do my degree. Something nobody ever tells you about an English degree, is if you expect a first you HAVE to be well read. This doesn't just mean reading fiction, but to have a strong vocabulary, a good cohesive sense of writing, and ideas of a great magnitude. I think with the last one I felt limited by the little years of experience I had. How can I possibly write about a beautiful sunset when I've only seen a few? I'm not saying all Universities are like this, but I felt that I had to know these things with my University.
I also felt had I been better prepared during my A-levels, had my weaknesses been noted I would have felt more capable in my essay writing. Some parts of me wish I'd JUST done Creative Writing. It's hard to look back on these thoughts now because it's all over.
I found English interesting, but felt myself learning the same thing I had at A-levels.I never got to read 'The Naked Lunch' by William Borroughs, 'Brave New World' by Aldous Huxley, or even recent greats like 'Gone Girl' by Gillian Flynn, even 'The Goldfinch' by Donna Tartt. How I WISH these books were considered! Instead, I was lumbered wtih 'Frankenstein'by Shelly, '1984' by Orwell etc. A crying shame I feel!
As it stands, my first thoughts on graduation are futile, I don't feel like I've learned much more than when beginning at University. It's tricky, your experiences are what shape you at University and I wish I'd felt more included. I will miss the freedom I had at University but felt it was far more like school than University.
Till next time.
Gracie. xx

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