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Growing Up.

Posted on the 29 April 2014 by Rin @rinkun1691

I’ve been contemplating for a good few days as to whether or not i should post something like this for the blog.

Just a few days back, another complete year of my existence on earth had passed.

No, i’m not jaded and all, but i can’t help but notice the older i get, the faster time seems to fly by. i wonder if the reason for feeling this way is due to the increase in activities that my life now have. The more occupied one is, the quicker time seems to flow doesn’t it?

Before i know what happened, another year had passed me by and i’m still here, alive and breathing and still living THE life.

I thought i’d just drop some sentiments on the past 365 days here.

Just a little short of 1 year ago, i was still that girl that’s lost in her own world, immature, following her heart and doing what she FEELS is right.

My emotions went through a rough patch of roller coaster ride and came to a stop a little shy of 6 months ago. One can make many plans for their future, but whether it would happen or not, no one knows. I was like that. Made a gazillion plans for 2014. None of which have been fulfilled till date. Cause there is no more reason for me to work on them anymore. The reason for the plans in the first place have disappeared from my life. I will not go into the gruesome details on my private affairs, so everything seems to be a code yea?

Now, i seem to be more awake, just dragged down by some responsibilities i have put myself into.

Life is so short. Really. I’m still in my twenties and i feel like i’ve less than a year left to live. We don’t get to choose who we meet in life, just who we want to associate ourselves with. Even then, sometimes, people just want to barge into our little world and take up every space inside it they can find. And when they leave, they leave a huge space. What once felt like a norm becomes a painful reminder of something better.

I’m sure we all face these kind of situations, and it just makes me ever more resolved not to be too dependent on anyone in particular. The only one you can trust is yourself. You cant betray yourself. That’s how we are made. Survival. We struggle to live. So that’s what we do. We struggle to breathe and keep kicking up to keep our head afloat.

Another important thing i’ve learnt is, to let go. The more we try to keep sorrows and angst within us, the more we will just crumble and wonder why the world is so unfair. The more we will fall out of happiness. The key is that life is short. Do you want to live life without a smile? Do you want to leave the world with regrets?

Yes, rhetorical questions that we all have the same answer to.

This year, feels more challenging. I’m like, constantly fighting with myself to get something done right. There is only one of me and so many things i need to accomplish. Though i admit feeling tired, i hope that i’d be able to stretch thin enough to cover everything well.

The conclusion? Live your life. Don’t regret. Move on. Accept your past, correct your errors and move forward. Think through the consequences of your choices. Once you made the choice, live with the consequences without looking back and without complaints. Oh yea, and get a dog, mine sure made my life much more worth living.



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