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Health is Wealth, So Keep Smiling !!

Posted on the 25 May 2013 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
I never really saw any blood on apple but it started because of sugarcane, I saw my sweet tooth shedding blood..!!
I had been to a village with my mom to visit her far relatives; it was like a festival on our arrival. Yummiest food, veggie, farm style dining it was like carnival for my stomach.I had varieties of food tempting me 24/7 and my mouth and hand were always caught in action. 
One morning I had been to sugarcane farm with my cousin and farm to me was only in farm villa the real beauty was way more tempting and there my cousin offered me some sweetest sugarcane I would ever have in my life” sweetness in its best form”, of course I was delighted but it all faded away with a joke of that farm owner...
He shouted to my cousin from distance; “city kids are not healthy for village life style.Take home some more of sugarcane and cut it nicely and serve her or else she might loss all her teeth and look like grandma” and they literally started to laugh at me. That wasn't fascinating well they use same tooth paste as I did and they are nothing so different, so I had to take the chance and prove that city people are healthy. So I snatched the cane from my cousin and took a big bit and started to chew it vigorously in front of them in a hope to correct their misunderstanding about city people. Well I did shut their mouth (big smile). but frankly the sugar cane did sting my teeth, later that day I couldn't chew anything or have proper dinner and for my horror I saw blood while washing my mouth the next morning.I literally started to jump around at the sight of blood..My teeth were shaking and my root canal ever hurting and my gums were sore, swollen and bleeding .at first I thought it has to be some kind of infection…flowed that day I had horrible head ache and felt feverish. So mom felt no good staying there any more, so we came back the 2nd day after that.But everything changed from that day I became conscious about everything and I was so embarrassed and literally lost my self-esteem after that day..I started to discover weird oral problems.. Like dragon breath and yellow teeth I literally couldn't talk face to face with anyone.So I started trying different tooth paste and changed my brush to soft, medium and hard nothing helped..i use to clean my teeth with baking soda and lime juice for white teeth but it didn't last long..I depended on  mints and chewing gums , I carried them with me around like a smoker  and very soon I became a chewer in no time.
After a year and so I had gone into total depression Because of my sensitive teeth, I had to take control on my diet.Everything started to hurt me, too hot was burning where as too cold gave me heart attacks; it was horror..Bleeding had stopped but still I saw some while brushing and it scared me to death so I Google about my condition and I ended up in Colgate Total Blog page and it really was a great help to me, I came across many things through this page and about my condition known as Gum Disease, it was a new word for me so I Google more and discovered I was in early stage of gum disease known as “Gingivitis” And symptoms were
Health is wealth, so keep smiling !! · Gums that are red, swollen, and tender.
· Gums that bleed easily during brushing or flossing.
. Gums that pull away or shrink from the teeth.
. Bad breath that won't go away.
. Pus coming from the gums.
. A change in how your teeth fit together when you bite.
. Loose teeth.
And that was everything I was dealing with now and before,well it wasn't sugarcane; I had ignored my gum problems early so I ended up here and if I had neglected it more I would have ended up in worst condition that would be losing my teeth and looking like grand mom,well which was the second stage known as "Periodontitis" read more on “GUM DISEASE” and take care .
I had enough so got an appointment with nearest dentist and he examined my big mouth and suggested that I go for root canal and my wisdom tooth had decayed and he literally looted my 3 month pocket money. It took me a lot to understand; not always it has to be root canal, the start is from gum infection.
But one thing is true we are different from villagers and they are healthy only because They don’t sleep with chocolate in their teeth’s nor do they have chess burst for dinner or they dig into ice cream pot ,it’s us who completely neglect silly things and don’t bother to brush before bed or wash mouth after eating sweet and forget to take regular care.
so THE MORAL OF THE STORY IS; Health is wealth, so keep smiling !!
Makeup work for face and it’s easy to fake flawless skin in no time but it might still be useless and not so pleasant with yellow teeth and dragon breath think about it. Teeth are strong but they require equal and proper care like our skin. Above all it’s connected to our digestive system and we can’t mess with it because it directly deals with our health and beauty. Plus what else can be more beautiful on a girl than her healthy smile, it’s her best jewel to wear.
Health is wealth, so keep smiling !!
THANKS A LOT FOR READING AND HOPE IT HELPED YOU.. PS  This post is a submit for ongoing contest at Indiblogger sponsored byMy Healthy Speak Blog
Health is wealth, so keep smiling !!
⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

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