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Hello Bloggers!

Posted on the 30 March 2014 by Laurat24

 Hello Bloggers!
I can't believe  it's been over a year since I last posted anything! 
To start, life became insanely busy and I had a few personal things to work through. These aren't the only reasons I stopped though. I started to notice how much nastiness and bitchiness there was going on over people's blogs. Especially over twitter. It made me lose interest in something that I loved and that was meant to be a fun hobby. There appeared to be too many rules for my liking and to be totally honest, started to seem like one big popularity contest, with the most important part of blogging being how many followers you have.   I've really missed posting and interacting with other bloggers, I spoke to some lovely people and found some really great blogs. I've decided to go back to posting just for fun and not worry if I haven't posted in a while, or stressing if a particular post is good enough or sounds stupid.  So for anyone that would like to continue to read my ramblings, watch this space ;)   Hello Bloggers!

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