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Hello White Canvas Monday - What is the Buzzer in Your Belly Blinking?

Posted on the 29 October 2012 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot
Hello White Canvas Monday

I woke up this morning with a buzzer in my belly blinking “Write, write, write!” so that is exactly what I did. I haven’t even roused the children yet, but I am sitting at my computer writing. Beside me there is a cup of coffee in a Zion National Park mug. My notebook rests nearby, pen at the ready, words I scribbled on the top like a question mark asking, “What shall we create next?”

To say I have been looking forward to today is an understatement.

Since Friday night I have been Octopus Mom – no, not OctoMom, but the Mom with eight legs which everyone is tugging on with their wants, needs, and desires. The only person without a leg to stand on, to swim with, to take care of business would be… me.

Today, all those leg grabbers will be launched into other tasks – things like school, work, their own to-do’s, so I get to focus on my White Canvas Monday to create where I feel called to create.

I did learn an important lesson this weekend: always have something going in my outdoor studio so that when I have a few minutes where no one is asking for something, I can take solace in the backyard to paint a few strokes or ponder something or perhaps add some primer.

I have had a wooden shelf sitting in my “to-do” pile and this weekend, it got completely painted. It isn’t a fancy paint job, but it is serviceable and ready to hang and instantly creates more space for me in my creative way station.

Art Every Day Month is upon us and this year I want to keep my finished projects out, so I may be inspired by them. The shelf is part of my prep. If I hadn’t been mindful of those few free moments where would my shelf be?

It would still be sitting in my “to-do” pile.

I think it helped save my mind this weekend and launch me into a whirlwind of creativity and productivity today.

Perhaps today is YOUR day to make a shift around how you think about your Monday.

What is the buzzer in your belly blinking?


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