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High nor Low

Posted on the 29 June 2013 by Leah-Jlynn @Leah_Jamielynn



Looking high and looking to no avail, Skylar couldn’t  find  the perfect dress for her tonight. There could be no in between, she had to find a dress that made her feel, as pretty as she felt. She, thought staring at her freshly done bobbed hair .  Running her fingers through her golden ombre brown  color hair. She pulled a little lace dress  that reminded her of a 60’s television show. Because it had a fitted top and lovely flared  skirt. She made a bit of twirl as she discovered the  sweet pockets at it’s side.  The length of to her was not to high above the knee, nor to low. As it sat  a few inches above them. Which made it the dress perfect.

She could also were her  robins blue bow belt. It  would add just the right color pop next to the ballet slipper pink lace.“Perfect, first date dress for dining and salsa dancing!” she thought. The dress was between sexy , because it bared her shoulders with it’s strapless bodice and sweet, because of it’s skirt.


well, this was sort of difficult for me, using the prompt: In Between, for 5 minute Friday at Lisa Jo Barker’s:  . So, I used it as an unedited writing exercise. I wanted to see if I could complete a  short a story. So if you like to join us click on the icon or follow the link. ~Leah

God Bless, everyone Smile


High nor Low

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