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Hol’ Up!…is That YOU?!

Posted on the 05 August 2014 by #hartchronicles @jewelsjaye

Actually, an alternate title for this post could be …

“Oh. My. Gosh, Becky! …Look at my Husband!”

I was actually torn between the two! But that’s neither here nor there!

So, I was minding my own business when the hubs sends me this picture (below) in a text! I glance at it and quickly disregard, thinking… Why is he taking and sending me pictures of players walking through d-line drills? That’s weird, but oh well! (I told you I glanced, I didn’t even see the player in uniform and helmet standing right beside him… so it couldn’t have been a picture of a player!)

Overall, this whole thing is very out of character for my husband because he really could care less about taking pictures, that’s my thing!  So, I take another look at the pic, scanning it closer this time, to see why he sent it and it hit me like a ton of bricks… OMG, THAT’S HIM!… I think!?


And then the shenanigans ensued…


I’m brutally honest… always!


Wait, I have to pause here for a second… Did you see that? “He thinks he looks cool”, looking like Scruff McGruff! Oh Really! And I cannot recognize my own husband in photographs, but I’m “being dramatic”. The nerve.

Then, just as I’m getting to the “It is what it is” point of our conversation–

 You know!– the point where I come to grips with the fact that he’s that guy who kinda’ likes being scruffy from time to time (and I won’t stand for it), and in enjoying this time working away from home, he’s letting his hair down (literally) and ignoring all of our personal grooming rules.  I’m not there to enforce, so I can live with it… I guess! But not really.

All at once, with no warning… he goes off the deep end and says the most inappropriate thing ever!

Hol’ Up!…is that YOU?!

You’ve been warned! If you’re easily offended STOP READING NOW!… Men are gross!


Hol’ Up!…is that YOU?!Isn’t it like a man to think that because he’s not around, I’d let myself go!? Puh-lease! Because he’s working in Arkansas, I must be sitting at home in a dark room, drowning in my sorrow, and not shaving, right?



Then I got really quiet, because I was thinking!… To Blog or not to Blog!? Hmm.


“You ain’t bad!”… It’s like he double-dog dared me to, so here we are!  At first I was nervous about this post and then I took a stand!…

  • He’s married, I’m married! (to each other, so we’re good!)
  • He’s ridiculous, I’m ridiculous (no one knows how ridiculous he is so it’s good for exposing him… since no one ever believes me)

And finally…

  • This post can raise awareness on the pressing matter of summer heat and personal grooming! (we’re in the south– and I’m in Florida where temperatures exceed the 100’s– so honestly, I could’ve just saved your life!)

You’re Welcome! (Compliments of Mr. and Mrs. Hart)

Hol’ Up!…is that YOU?!

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