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Posted on the 13 October 2015 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hello everyone,
This Tuesday I just wanted to talk about some books I'v been reading on holiday. As you may know if you follow me on Twitter (TSITR_Gracie) I had lots of time to do some reading!I will do book reviews for them in the following weeks, but I just wanted to briefly touch on some books I've been reading!
'A Man Without A Country'- Kurt Vonnegut
'Strangeland'- Tracy Emin
'Touching the Void'- Joe Simpson
'City of Glass' - Paul Auster
'The Martian' Andy Weir
These were all FANTASTIC books. and I can't wait to begin reviewing them over the next few weeks! The only one I won't be reviewing is 'A Man Without a Country' by Vonnegut. I feel it is such a concise book, with a few personal essays, so wouldn't substantiate much of a book review.
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Gracie xx

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