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Horrible Losses!!!!!!!!

Posted on the 04 August 2011 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
No that is not a sexual, tigress growl but a full on, fuming GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!
There. Phew. Out of my system.
Can you Adam and Eve it? I've seen the film "Horrible Bosses" twice. And it's horrible. Really. Horrible.
Well actually, I did find it quite funny. And I do like Jason Bateman... and Kevin Spacey. And I've seen it twice. Which is more than can be said for "Dead Poet's Society" - apparently it's kind of a big deal but I was lost at the whole 'Oh captain my captain' bit...
ANYWAY! "Horrible Bosses" is horribly sexist. And as much as I find it funny, it has really REALLY niggled me. I have had nightmares.
The women in it are, well how can I put this kindly? Oh yes, FOOLS!!
First of all we have Jennifer Aniston who plays a nymphomaniac, over made-up, perma-tanned sex pest - or as others may put it, a whore! Which I am surprised she agreed to do considering the amount of 'slander' that she receives from the press about these particular issues in her personal life... I've never seen anyone so orange. I began to wonder what her zest would taste like in a cake.
On the flip-side to this, we have Stacy who is Kenny's fiance. And I believe she is in for all of, erm, two minutes? And within those two minutes she is doe-eyed, airheaded and smiley smiley to her husband-to-be and at the mercy of everyone else around her.
What wonderful examples of women we have so far.
Not forgetting Kevin Spacey's wife (I can't remember either of their character's names) who stops short of the 'perfect wife' portrayal by giving Kurt a blow-job in the toilet at Spacey's surprise birthday party.
This weak and one-dimensional portrayal of women is becoming far too common in the film industry.
Now I'm not saying that there is anything wrong with female sexual liberation. In fact I'm all for it. Championing you may even say. But Aniston's character is there to be either laughed at or leered at. And that is NOT liberating. In fact it makes the idea of a woman needing sex rather tragic. Which it isn't.
We all need sex. Otherwise orgasms wouldn't have been invented.
I find this whole male comedy genre quite worrying. I mean don't get me wrong, I find it funny. But only the bits that don't involve female-stereotyping and degradation.
For example, yesterday at work, a male colleague commented to another male colleague about how small my feet are (they actually aren't what I would consider small, size 6, average - uh i hate that word!)
Anyway, I work in a kitchen and the following comment narked me right off:
"Well women need small feet so they can get closer to the kitchen counter"
They continued by comparing the size of each other's feet and I noticed that they were both wearing cowboy-esque style shoes... pointy - you know?
So I merely observed:
"Well of course your feet look bigger, your shoes have a huge point at the end to add length. Do you have to do that to your pants too?"
That shut them up.
But I could be onto something. Boxers with bumpf. A bit like the Wonderbra but for men.
Misleading for a woman but I believe there's a potential market.
Watch this space...

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