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How and Why to Continue Learning All Your Life

Posted on the 25 June 2012 by Fab40foibles @fab40foibles

How and why to continue learning all your life


As the school year drags itself to the end I finally have a bit of time to think about teaching, and learning.

I started taking distance learning courses a few years ago, starting with a very interesting child development course and presently doing an HND in psychology.

I love these courses because I adore how they make my brain fizzle when I come across some new theory or idea.

My husband says it's also because as I've never left school I have a sick need to do homework and get it marked - with gold stars if possible.

It's getting harder to find, and especially afford useful, interesting courses, I'm not sure how distance learning centres can use the recent tuition fee increase to hike up their  prices too, but they have.

There are however some pretty good free courses out there, this site from the world renowned Open university contains hundreds.

I know it's not easy to find the time, but as I reminded you recently, time is flying anyway, so why not try and do something with it. There's not as much pressure with free courses and if you find a few minutes here or there you could soon be learning something fun and new.

So, now you know why, what about what? What would you like to learn? kite makinga foreign language? knitting?

If you had the time and resources, what would you like to learn?

Just to motivate you a little further, I'm going to tag a few of you to answer this question in your next post, and then if you  can, find and take up a course.

If I haven't tagged you, you can still play! Just send me a link with your comment!

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