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How Broad Will You Stretch Your Mind?

Posted on the 16 June 2012 by Sweetblossom @sweetblossom_
Hard it is to fall in love but bad it is to fall I love, the ultimate thing you gone feel in love is pain. There is nothing more but a lot of estrogen and testosterone production in your body and there you happily encounter yourself for nothing but the worst nightmare of your life, tho conscious and subconscious you know it’s wrong yet you strain your body for semi-physical and emotional blackmail about never-happening-fantasy of your not-so-good-love-life.

How broad will you stretch your mind?

not reality

 “Regards of life is always learned when you face end of survival” and “Importance of freedom and self-respect is learned when you fall in love”. It is a beautiful thing to happen but are always read but never said (you see people are not that bad after all they knowing don’t push any one into hell) if you thing I’m been “DE-motivating” then ask the person committed or in relationship, you’ll know what I’m talking about and love is not 100% disaster it’s still the amusingly strange thing in this everything-so-automatic world but it’s simply hard and impossible to find that true love over modern days ranging trends because that’s the only thing we do try to fit into the so-called-trends of life style no matter what if it’s insane, yet we do it! After tons of love-romance fiction you might feel strong for love but trust me it’s simply hard to relay over fictions in reality and love for now starts with smile and ends in bed (no offense) but hey c’mon it’s in trend, until and unless they discover “how good or like how wild you are in bed”, love never happens and falling in love is easy just like that and happens every day just like that.(really!! will that’s not called love, may be misspell with lust).*lol* and ‘lover’ it’s simply a common need in life, (need? Not where you miss them kind a need) every week different person to fall in love, I don't know simply why don’t they call it love-making that sounds real and more over they will be only alcohol high, not love high and love ends with hangover for such selfish thing,so why say love? And if you’re a virgin!! Than your Un-touchability victim and they stare like oh-this-is-how-virgin-look attitude. What more one care in this always-copy-Americans-Africans-and-animals life style, its 22nd century and it’s scary. People hardly consider emotions and meanings, OK now I’m not been an hypocrite ask yourself you see people “two timing or cheating” or “quick move on boyfriends and girlfriends as in everyday-change” what’s the first word out of your mouth?? “That’s normal this day’s yet the ugly truth why you bother just move on” and in some replies “your still in 21st century old cow” (haha old cow?) and “times changed, you have to kiss every single frog till you find Mr. right and Ms. perfect”(really?)well this is how we accept change by hurting someone else priority just like that? That’s not change for me, it’s more liked cruel! I’m not been headlong-mental here it simply hurts to look at such society. We are very much still the same educated modern Indians, “modern” but why always underestimate what we believe in. culture and costumes are far gone but manners? (for god sake) Using someone for your pleasure like that in name of love (disgusting).
This days “how long you in relationship?” is asked like “how many more days you’ll be in relationship?” and all thanks to social networks it’s even to simple and easy to look for next victim. No one can help but laugh behind us and seeing someone destroy their life is called free-entertainment *evil smile*. I know I’m been random and rational but seeing this sort of peoples around everyday makes me so uncomfortable may be because I’m too narrow minded or very typical? (Am I?)
How broad will you stretch your mind?Girls these days- she go on in relationship for 8 and more years and keep fighting for love marriage with her family but she secretly maintain affairs (for fun?) because her relationship will be bore with time yet she can’t leave that guy but can cheat on him and whom will she marry? A rich NRI in the end! And question her about all this “oh please I had to marry him okay it was for my parents” (was she orphan before?). Another girl –again she fall in same category but on top of ‘F’ list, she is middle class girl with high dreams and desires (acceptable) and happy in relationship but her guy is too over-protective-possessive-bore so she go on 2 timing with other guys with mutual understanding, the 2nd fellow will know about her love story but he won’t underestimate his only-f**k-girlfriend. What you call this, love? If you ask her anything all she can reply is “look I’m always serious about him(1st one) and I love him but he don’t understand my needs and I can’t compromise, it’s for fun only okay, I know I’ll get married to him no matter what and I’m not going to betray him”(explain betray please). It’s not just girls been culprits there are this super –smart guys who play equally and always stay superior over this kind of girls. Here is one example this guy he is does nothing but go adding pretty Facebook profile picture girls and propose them later(if they are pretty but not smart they agree) and then date them and more of more dates, and ____ them and more of the same and later “babe I think we isn’t working out we were better as friends so please understand it’s for our own good but will be friend forever if you wish”(if you wish?) if they can’t keep the promise than why the hell they bed a innocent girl?(I only mean innocent girls) can’t they pay for their f**king pleasure and f**k a prostitute instead or is it they simply can’t bare virgins around them and damn this is fraud not love (haha what a love story). Another fellow he is so superior-super-smart he manages 3to4 girls at a time (how smart& wow) and guys complain-one women is hard to balance with life *smiley*. And most funny part when your parents learn you are in love and want to get married, all they say is” At this young age you wanted it, are you so desperate, couldn’t you wait till marriage?”(omg how to tell parents even today true love happens and this is my love not lust). People who succeed all the above love drama and happy find their true love but yet they will fall weak in society because of the stupid assumption our parents hold over love marriage, few parents say “it was a age mistake get over it and marry good one” (actually this is the good one above all) but nope it won’t happen. This might be because of what they hear, see and know about today’s love story; it’s not their fault actually! And for already heartbroken victim they go so over smart that they tend to maintain 2/more girl/boy back up plains (what to say now?*smiley*).Are this all posh-things to tag, really? Posh! If you’re someone who think like posh means not life statues it’s a lifeforms with rulebook then all I say is (do you have a dictionary? if so please LEARN).
I don’t care and I’m not been judgmental, it’s your life it’s good for you! But all I ask is, am I been a hypocrite or is this all so-really-common? Or am I the only lame person finding this equal to sin? Clear me out please it would be a great help because it’s kind a been uneasy over me and I’m having trouble fitting in. so that’s it I’m nobody to shout out loud to someone bitch (haha) and I feel I’m been too narrow minded and not-so-posh-and-happening-girl-from-the-corner, if above is called broad thinking/minded please explain? How broad will you stretch your mind?
PS please don't sue me for been outspoken and its simply the real fact I don't want to hurt any ones feelings. ⇨Signing Off ♥Prathi♥

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