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How Receptive Are You?

Posted on the 01 June 2012 by Brenda @PibblesNHeathen
What does it mean to be "open-minded"? Dictionary.com defines it as such:


[oh-puhn-mahyn-did]Show IPA adjective
havingorshowingamindreceptivetonewideasorarguments. 2.
unprejudiced;unbigoted;impartial. Origin:
How Receptive Are You?
Does this mean, not being able to have an opinion or sharing that opinion?
I believe myself to be an "open-minded" person, to an extent. I will tell you right now, I will never believe that there are flying elephants (elephants that kind fly by flapping their ears); and that dogs are born as killers.  Nor am I "open-minded" enough that I want to share my sex-life and intimate things about myself on the world wide web. If that makes me a prude, so be it.

But I am "open-minded" enough to entertain the idea of life on other planets; elves, fairies, and other fantasy type figures; and the supernatural world.

To me, being "open-minded" is entertaining and idea or concept yet being able to have an opinion and using freedom of speech to share that opinion. When this right is taken away from me, I have an issue. You may not agree with my opinion on the idea or concept but let me share my opinion without being attacked. If you'd like to discuss my opinion, that's fine. Do Not Attack Me or you'll get cracked with my Mjolnir!

When I declared myself Pagan, I really didn't get any "flack" (to my face that is). Yet, I noticed when I started posting Pagan like stuff on Facebook and Twitter, all of a sudden things were being posted about God and the Bible. Was this an attempt to tell me I'm stupid or something and that my beliefs are wrong? That their way (the Christian way) was the only and right way? Very possibly so. I even had a church start sending literature to my house about joining their fellowship. I finally sent them an email stating, "Thank you but we are not looking for a church as my hubs is Protestant and not practicing and I am Pagan." I know who goes to this church. I feel they tried swaying me their way, leaving me to believe they were not "open-minded".

I have found in the Pagan community, there are lots of "open-minded" people, especially if it's within their own beliefs. As a Heathen at times, I feel a little shut out because I haven't found a lot of heathens online yet. I feel there are some Pagan communities that are less receptive to my beliefs because it is not their way or path (ie., Wicca, Druid, Shaman, etc.). In my short time in my path, there are some who attempted to sway me from Heathenism and more towards a Wicca based path. Isn't this against what Pagan's stand for? Do not try and sway someone? Those who are attempting to "sway", does this mean they are not "open-minded"? Are some only "open-minded" or receptive amongst their own beliefs? This does not exclude Christianity and Atheism, as I know for a fact Christians are not "open-minded" to any other God than the one spoken about in the Bible.

What are your thoughts? I'm sure you've seen those who claim to be "open-minded' yet have been the first to condemn someone for sharing their opinion about their beliefs.

What does being "open-minded" mean to you?

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