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How to Create Your Own Canvas Art

Posted on the 12 October 2012 by Brittany_tyd @Brittany_TYD
I am currently at The Influence Conference. Yesterday you guys got to hear from Stephanie. Today, Amber from The Unconventional Doctor's Wife graciously offered to stop by and show you how to use canvas art you've created on your own, to be an encouragement in your home. I hope you enjoy!

How to Create Your Own Canvas Art

Recently, I have been very big on putting words of truth and encouragement around my home. Instead of just a post it note on my mirror, I've been creating art to hang on my walls. My two daughters (ages 10 & 8) have asked me multiple times to make some for their room. So, I finally did.  How to Create Your Own Canvas Art
You can create this too with just a few supplies. It's super easy and lots of fun!

You will need 

  • canvas (any size)
  • scrapbook paper, any decorative paper,  or fabric
  • scissors
  • Mod Podge (I always use the matte finish) - can be found at any craft store
  • paint brush (I prefer a foam brush)
  • paint - any color, any brand (I use the cheapest craft paint)
  • old credit card or gift card (to paint the canvas & smooth out the bubbles)
How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 1: Paint the canvas - Squirt paint all over the canvas and either use a paint brush, foam brush, or use an old credit card to scrap the paint across the canvas to cover it. I prefer scraping it as it doesn't take as long to dry and like the lines it leaves when it dries. How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Once it's painted let it dry completely. If you are impatient like me and was to speed up the process, you can use your blow dryer to dry the paint a little quicker. Step 2:  Figure out what you want your art work to say and what paper or fabric you want to use. Then cut out the letters. You can either print them on your computer, draw them out, or wing it like I usually do (because I am impatient, remember?). How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 3:  Figure out how to arrange your letters on the canvas. Try different ways and see what you like best. How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 4:  When you decide where you want your letters, you are going to glue them on using Mod Podge. Get a fair amount on your brush and it on the canvas where you are going to place your cut out word. 
How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 5: 

Arrange your letters on the mod podged canvas, making sure the area beneath the letters are covered in the adhesive. Then you need to paint the Mod Podge on top of the paper/fabric letters. You must do this step or it will not stick. And I promise it dries clear! How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 6: 
Repeat this step for each line or area on the canvas you are putting words or letters. I like to do just a little area at a time. It gives me a little more control and because once you Mod Podge it on, it's hard to take off without ripping the paper. Also, use an old credit card or gift card to scrape and smooth out the letters in case any bubbles or puckering occurred. How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Step 7: 
Once you have all your letters/words glued on, go back one more time and cover the entire canvas (front and sides) with Mod Podge. This gives it an even finish and protective coat. Scrape of any access of Mod Podge and then it dry. How to Create Your Own Canvas Art Ta-da! Now you are done!!! Enjoy your own work of art!

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