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How to Say I'm Sorry

Posted on the 10 October 2012 by Thandi @sassymissy
I was browsing today and saw this post from " www.squidoo.com ". I think everyone can relate to this post because we all go through these "sorry moments" where we are either tongue tied or expecting a sorry. It is a really awesome post and i liked it. You should read it...
How to say I'm sorryHow to say I'm Sorry
Having trouble writing and I'm sorry note?
Here are some tips for how to write a letter of apology. If you need to tell someone you are sorry, here are some great ways to write them an I'm sorry note or letter as an apology.
How to say I'm sorryThe most important thing to remember is to be humble. Remember that you are looking to mend a relationship, not prove your case.
A real apology is sincere and does not require you to rehash the situation. Which brings me to my next point...
Keep it sweet and simple. Sometimes our thoughts tend to ramble and we pour that out on to the page, avoid doing that. The best apologies are the short and sweet ones. When you start rambling, you might just be opening a new can of worms. If you do decide to write that ten page apology, be careful.
Compliment the person you are apologizing too. Close your eyes and picture a time when you most loved them and write about it. Sometimes talking about old times or fond memories is a great way to soften a heart.
Tell a short inside joke or bring up a funny moment you both share to get a smile.
Here are some things you can say to keep it short and sweet....
How to say I'm sorry...I'm sorry, I love you, please forgive me.

...I'm a fool, but I'm a fool who is in love with you, please forgive me.

...I'm so sorry, forgive me, you mean the world to me.

...How did someone like me get so lucky to find someone like you?

...Forgive me, I know not what I do.
I'm sorry and I love you.

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