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I’m Bored with Knitting. I’ve Taken up Arson.

Posted on the 17 July 2014 by Gray Eyed Athena @grayeyedowl

This picture has too many bony things and pieces. Says the important people. You are too bony.

Explain to me how that is possible. To be too bony.  I have 206, give or take, same as you.

Do you mean that you don’t like to see the outlines of the structure which give my fluid self a form?

I do.  I need to see the dense insides, the frame, the wires and strings.  How does it work?

I slice into the dermis, micro cuts and lines like the scratchings of a chicken looking for the dried husk of a bug.  Sustenance.

In my case, substance.  My bones hurt me from the inside out and breathing is trouble.

Tight clostrophobic expansive deserted wasteland empty crammed clawed sneaking.

Too big too small too much too little.

And pain.  Skin and bones and boneskin


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