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i, Me and Myself....

Posted on the 03 October 2011 by Elvishnutties @elvishnutties
I, Me and Myself... though these words are often used to express our identity, when they start getting used too many times, they become a part of our personality and add to being Self-centered.they start getting related to our credentials. people really like talking about themselves. they want to tell us, how they achieved fame in their lives. they would tell us about their loved ones, their family, their job, their school, their friends and eventually it becomes nothing more than a " I, Me and Myself" story. so if i start with an "I, Me and Myself" story about me now, its going to be quite boring, so just for  a short introduction... i am a simple girl, with  a thought process that allows me to go beyond the horizons. i believe that the power of  our thoughts can take us to whichever world we want. its always how we think and feel about ourselves and more importantly, about the world around us.and no matter what we think and what we do, its all about the happiness that flows inside. so i do only what i feel would make me happy and even if i feel it might prove to be wrong in future, i do it promising myself that i wouldn't regret it later because it is my decision right now.
i am just a student. not anything more than that. and i will remain a student throughout my life, as life is a continuous learning process and to grab more and more we need to be humble.
i write for myself.... i feel writing whatever i feel is a great way to express what we feel to ourselves because while we are writing in a flow, we write whatever thought that comes in our mind and then forget about it until we read about it the next time and wonder, what was the feeling behind the thoughts.
and now without making my first blog entry really boring, I'd close up making a promise to come back with a nice thought the next time......

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