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I`m Still Waiting for You

Posted on the 02 October 2012 by Eternallydeniedsoul



“I remember the first time i saw you,you were playing cricket with your brothers,and i had never seen any girl holding the bat before it,in my life… you looked so beautiful,as you were busy with the game,you were full of zeal..”

When you love me so much,why don`t you elope with me,we have to run away from here,neither of our parents are gonna agree for the marriage,she said with the same zeal in her eyes.

But that`s not the way i want,it will bring trouble to both our families. She was not ready to listen anything,she blowed up in anger- then what should we do,die.. My father is now aware of our relation,and i`m sure soon yours will come to knowledge,and then you know what will happen,either my father will send me off to some boarding school or he will just lock me up in my home until he marries me off to someone else. Her eyes were filled with tears,barely able to talk-You have to do something,and i say we should run away from here,to a far land,where we can be safe from our families.

But you are not looking into it,practically..we can run away but then what.we don`t have a job,no money..you think we can survive in this world,just by running away from our family..the very own family that raised us..

I will have to talk with my father,and yours too..it`s the only way.. Even if your father is a strict man,he does have a heart for his daughter,i`m sure.


Sir,i`m here because i love your daughter,and i would do anything for her.i want you to accept the fact that she loves me too,and we can be happy together if you wish..

Look at you,you are just 19,no money no job,how do you think you can make my daughter happy..he said in a thrilling tone.

sir,with due respect,i`m not asking for her hand right now,all i want that you let her complete her studies,as i do mine..and let us work out for our jobs,until then,when the right time comes,i would come to you with all means,with a great job,then i will ask for her hand…

What if i just say NO!!!!

Sir let me tell you then,your daughter is very supportive in the idea of eloping with me,but i care for my love,i respect my love..and i don`t want the world to think that i was a coward and ran away without facing it..and i promise you i will never do anything that will bring shame to either of our families..

His face was now fierce,how dare you talk about running away with my daughter,you want to threat me..get out or i will call the police..

He showed me the doorway..as i was walking out..she said – don`t worry.i`ll always wait for you..

She was sent away from me to a far off boarding school,just as she said..no phone,no letter..but i knew in my heart that she was true about her last words..

7 years have passed.i have completed my graduation degree,i also got a good job,with money.respect and power.

My father asked me,that now that i have a job,i should get married.. i said- if i marry,i will only marry her,no one else..

But i`m your father,i have raised you,gave you all you wanted,don`t you love us..

Dad,i respect for your love,that`s why i didn`t run away with her 7 years ago,but i also respect her love,that`s why i can`t marry anyone else..i have to wait for her..because some where she is waiting for me..

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