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Posted on the 17 October 2013 by Eternallydeniedsoul

There was a time when i was poor
but i had you to share my misery..
You clinged to my soul not just the body
from a loner you created a romantic..
Even after the thousand miles between us
your love was static,

But one day the devil sat on my shoulder
and gave me thoughts to ponder..
I saw a world of freedom and fantasy
through the smoke and the pills of ecstasy
you tried to fight the devil in me
but all you got was tears and a broken heart
while i was busy getting high smoking pot..

A little respect,was all your expect
but i was naive
i had my fucked up dignity to protect
and the devil in me told me to select
that was the time i made the last call
i still remember the night of the great fall..

Days passed and i felt strong
as i made the joints
with my new friend devil along
few days later,exams were on
i reached for the books
but he handed me the bong
and that was the source code of my self destruction mode

years passed and finally i learnt my lesson
the devil was lying,that son of a bitch
the deal was off,me and devil were done
the smoke cleared for the rising sun

now that i’m back on track i think of you
i heard you have moved on over me
placed all my memories in your garbage can
and that you’ve found the right man
even getting married in a perfect plan

And here i am,with a new job
a new life with lots of money
but the thing that is funny
is the irony of life
when i had you i craved for wealth
and now that i’m getting rich
you gonna be someone else’s wife.

So here i lie on my bed
with these words in my head
as i look at your pictures
‘i should better be dead’….

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