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Inconspicuous Silence!

Posted on the 26 August 2014 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz
Inconspicuous Silence!

The beautiful hostess was dressed in an elegant flowing dark green gown with minimal golden floral work on it. She paired it up with heavy golden chandeliers (ear rings). Her hair was shiny wine-red and flowed effortlessly up till her waist curling at the edges. However, the big diamond ring on her finger lured everybody who attended the party hosted by one of the elite businessman in their city. He was well-known for conducting extravagant parties. This was mainly held for having successfully registered an NGO for women empowerment. All people well-educated, rich and famous had gathered. Nevertheless, none of them shared a good camaraderie with the hostess. The guests always felt that hostess was conceited and snobbish.

Some stated that she was younger to her husband by ten years while others argued it was twelve. They all thought of her as egotistical since she hardly greeted or welcomed the guests. Moreover, this day was supposed to be special since the party was held at their residence but she didn't bother to smile at people around.
While the ladies envied her, men craved for her attention. Ladies sympathized with her husband for having to tolerate her and the men were convinced that she will be easily available. Some women were happy to notice that her beauty is slowly fading away. She was by now used to these rants, gossips and unwelcomed stares from people and it did not bother her anymore. She very well knew that the precious rock in her finger would this time succeed in creating many more of gossip mongers around her. Lost in her own world, seated in a corner she sipped through the wine waiting patiently for the party to end and everybody to leave. Likewise, they all left thanking her husband.
As soon as she realized that the last guest left, she hurried to her room. Once done changing, she sat before the huge gold quoted antique dressing mirror and removed her make up gently. She sighed looking at herself trying to control the tears. The wrinkles on her face and dark circles around the eyes made her look much older. She kept staring at all the marks on her face. Reddish abrasions and bluish wounds were pretty obvious now that her make-up was undone. Finally, she removed her wig and stared at her receding hairline. She had lost quite a lot of hair. Her body was covered up with injuries, lesions and scars.
Minutes later, she heard some footsteps coming up the staircase. A shiver ran down her spine when she realized that her drunken husband is coming towards the room. She gathered up all the courage, ran towards the door and slammed it shut. Sweating profusely with nervousness she double checked if she had secured the door. She ran to the corner of her room, hiding between the bed and the wall. Today, she knew she had an upper hand as he was totally drunk and wouldn't be able to overpower her or force her into anything that she was unwilling to do. She sighed at the irony that he who owns an NGO for women empowerment treats his wife callously.
The quiet night was then engulfed in his screams of obnoxious words. He then threatened her of the consequences she will have to face unlike the previous time when she had managed to escape as he smothered her face in an attempt to kill her. He did use his power and money to get away with the atrocities time and again. She very well knew that it would be a difficult day tomorrow.  Wondering about the consequences and in fear she fell asleep.
The next day was one of the worse days when she had to endure too much torture.Every time tears rolled down her face, She would say, “I should have known, Love should never hurt this way!”
Yet, she continued bearing his terrible acts for reason best known to her. It had become her way of life. It’s sad that while people did notice the diamond ring on her finger, none observed the bruises on her face. She chose to live through an abusive marriage and accepted domestic violence. Everything presumed about her and her life was a lie.Inconspicuous Silence!
P.S: Why is there no ending to this story you ask? Well! It is on purpose. It is because that is how a life of a victim of domestic violence remains. Domestic violence never ends but transforms into one’s entire life. The only solution here is to speak out or pack up your bags and leave for good. The latter is the best option but victims surprisingly do not gather up the courage to do so.SPEAK UP AGAINST DOMESTIC VIOLENCE AND ABUSE. Domestic violence is not confined to socio-economic, religious, ethnic, racial or age group and knows no geographical or educational boundaries. The victims somehow forget that nobody has the right to exploit or abuse them irrespective of the relation they share. If you know someone who is undergoing this, do not deem it as their “private matter” but help them. Make them understand that reasons like alcohol, poverty or general stress should not be accepted. Also, bring awareness that people will treat you the way you want to be treated. If you are willing to be suppressed and silent the abusers will only capitalize on the opportunity. Hence, it is the victim who has to make the big decision and bring about a positive change.Speak Up- It's now or never,HPK!!!

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