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Inspired to Write Strong (Even When Not Feeling Your Best!) Will Make You Feel Better

Posted on the 12 January 2015 by Juliejordanscott @juliejordanscot

Show up strong and write
I feel qualified to define the word “strength” in more ways than one.

Recently I said to a friend, “I rarely get sick in the normal way, I only know how to get sick in the cancer way so I am not used to going to a normal sick doctor.” The Monday after Christmas I succumbed to being sick and actually showed up in a “normal sick” as in primary care doctor’s office.

Because it was a holiday week I couldn’t go to my usual doctor and instead found myself with a stethoscope to my chest held by the hand of an earnest looking young doctor whose first name was Ryan.

The reason I mention the name is because there is no man near my age named Ryan. That distinction is usually borne by a much younger man whose mother may have had a crush on Ryan O’Neil at some point.

I had to do something, though, and sick beggars can’t be choosers so I gratefully accepted Dr. Ryan’s assertion I had bronchitis, took my prescriptions and now I feel much better.

In the midst of it, though, I continued to show up and write.

Last Tuesday I attended my teleconference based writing group where we were to write of our strength. I enjoyed what came of the end of my pencil and thought you, especially those of you who aren’t feeling well, might enjoy reading.

I’m writing in bed today.

I am allowing myself to be strong in not feeling well.

My pencil on paper, I’m slower than the norm, reminding myself slow may be strong, too.

My lungs rattle.

Rattling is a sign of strength as well as a hopeful tenacity. The sound says my lungs are still working albeit not at full zoom-zoom capacity.

There is (insert an adverb here like enormous or gigantic but better) strength in showing up as is, less than, stuffed up, rattling, leaning against the pillows wearing fluffy socks and just showing up.

This is strength.

Showing up, lungs rattling, after the fact, present wherever you are.

Writing, even while sick, is better than not writing at all.

Julie Jordan Scott is a writer, creative life coach, speaker, performance poet, Mommy-extraordinaire and mixed-media artist  whose Writing Camps and Writing Playgrounds permanently transform people's creative lives. Watch for the announcement of new programs coming Fall and Winter, 2014 and beyond. Poppy and bloom photo

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