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It Doesn't Exist

Posted on the 10 April 2013 by Missliabilities
Thanks for all your wonderful supportive comments on my last post. We had a long talk about correcting our behavior (I do mean things too, M just doesn't blog about them ;) ) and we're going to put in 100% effort to correct them.
Onto a light-hearted post!
It Doesn't Exist
Roommate, the other med student I've been living with for 9 months, will be moving out at the end of May. Hallelujah! Our roommate-ship has been filled with ups and downs. Up: not having to pay a ton of rent each month because he's living there. Down: Random girls coming through my house during August - October.
Roommate likes to put his leftovers on large dinner plates and balance them perilously in the fridge. This is very inconvenient because we have a tiny ass fridge shared between three people. Space is a precious commodity in that fridge. So early on in our roommate-ship I made the grave error of transfering his leftovers into Tupperware.
He was pissed when he found out. He honestly said "I don't believe in Tupperware." (he did not say believe in using Tupperware) and didn't talk to me for two days. M watched this exchange transpire and couldn't believe it either. What a fucking diva.
I know what you're thinking. The plastic hormones and crap in Tupperware can have unknown effects to your health and your future generations' health, but he wraps his dinnerplates in plastic wrap so it's really apples to oranges.
I didn't make that mistake again and if one of the plates falls, I'll just chuck it back on the plate with delicious dust and floor dirt that he probably doesn't believe in either.
M and I buy large packs of eggs when we go to the grocery store because Roommate eats them all and doesn't replace them immediately. M loves having eggs in the morning and it upsets him to no end when he doesn't get to eat any of the 24 pack we bought three days before because Roommate ate them all. I noticed Monday morning that we only had 5 left, so I put them in Tupperware.
This is what I told M: "Well he doesn't believe in Tupperware, so therefore it must not exist. If it doesn't exist he can't get to the eggs. You cannot open something that doesn't exist. And if he does open it, then that proves it exists and then he'll have to start using it."
I'm a freaking genius, he hasn't touched the eggs in 48 hours.

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