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It Is 9:18 AM, (When I Started This Post)

Posted on the 27 March 2013 by Courtyb34 @CourtyB34
This wretched virus has been with me for three days now. I am tired of the right side of my face being swollen. I guess this is what I get for not getting a cold for a year. That's right, I have not had a cold in a year. Maybe more. I have had sore throats of course, and sniffles, but never an actual COLD VIRUS. To be honest, and this may not sound professional, it SUCKS. Being sick is never fun. But there little perks to it. I can watch TV all day long... Although I am ashamed to admit this, I do that anyway... Even when I am not sick and I don't have school. I don't really watch the TV, I just have it on for noise. I read blogs throughout the day, or go on Pinterest. Today I am going to make healthy chocolate muffins. I have been planning on making those ever since I started my "clean eating" bit. I have something else to admit... For the past few days, I haven't really been eating "clean". I haven't been pigging out on junk food, we don't have junk food in the house, but I have been lacking on eating my fruit and vegetable quota that I set for each day. I did have a banana yesterday and I reached four water bottles as well. I had a glass of orange juice, a couple of containers of the Krave cereal (it is kind of addicting), two corn dogs, a fiber bar, some AirBorne, I guess when I go over my day yesterday, I didn't eat shabbily. This morning, a few seconds ago, my face wasn't hurting as bad as it has been, my nose wasn't filled with mucous, and it felt like everything was drying up... Not so fast. I spoke too soon and now the pain is back, the mucous is back and I am going through tissue like it grows on trees... Technically it does. I had so many plans to do over Spring break. So many plans for me, so many plans for my blog and baking. Various activities and lots of blog posts. But... I had to get this cold. I haven't felt like doing anything. Monday, I was quite chipper. All I had was a sore throat and I made an activity out it, to make sore throat remedies and blog about them. That was fun. Then yesterday, Tuesday, I sat in my chair all day. I was so sick, and so overly tired. I hated it. I hated not feeling up to baking, something I love so dearly. I hated not having the energy or interest to blog, and I hate saying that. I don't like saying that I don't have the energy to blog because I am really committed to my blog and I never want to neglect it. I never will.
I want to get better today. I want to be well before school starts again. I imagine dealing with this and school, and I probably wouldn't go to school. Would be too hard to juggle concentrating and feeling like the right side of my face is swollen and in so much pain. Thankful I caught the virus this week instead of last week or next week. I am going to fight through this cold and make my muffins, my chicken nuggets and sweet potato/yam French fries, hopefully I will have the energy to make more healthy muffins or cookies. Crafting maybe. Dancing in the sun. A number of things. Definitely going to put a sauce pan of water on the stove and steam. I am going to add a few drops of eucalyptus oil to it to help clear my sinuses and then renew my Pandora hours, and listen to some nature sounds outside maybe. I am just throwing ideas that were in my head out in text. I desperately want to feel well again.
Last night, or actually very early this morning, at 4:00 AM, I was tossing and turning. My face felt like it was on fire, I could not breathe and I was so uncomfortable. I laid in bed for a few minutes, debating if I should go out in the living room and sleep there for the remainder of the morning. My answer was yes, but my body kept keeping me in bed. It was kind of like a battle between mind and body. My mind, begging for my body to just get up and go. My mind won because I grabbed my fan, my headphones and phone, and went to the living room. I grabbed my fan because I like the noise it gives off. It helps me sleep and I can't function in absolute silence, I need some kind of white noise. I put on my nature sounds and I blew nose. I switched sides so the right side of my face could "drain". It felt better and would actually drain if I wasn't resting on it. It felt so much better. I slept for 2 hours, and woke up naturally. Turned off my nature sounds and watched the light outside brighten into a blue sky. Now it is 10:00 and it is sunny outside. It is really a beautiful day! And I can breathe again!
Sorry for my rant. I felt inspired to blog, and since I didn't blog yesterday, I felt obligated to blog a lot today. Definitely going to make the healthy chocolate muffins, and blog about them of course. I will blog about Health food stores lingo, correct language to use in health food stores and if you are confused as to what Gluten-Free or vegan really means, then come by the blog later and read my health food "dictonary".
If you sat and read this whole thing, bless you. You must be a diligent reader, or bored out of your mind. Thank you. :)
The picture was taken a while ago, on a sunny day. Not enough clouds to take a picture today... But later I will. Hopefully the clouds will fluff up some.
It Is 9:18 AM, (When I started this post)

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