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***It's A Rich Man's World...***

Posted on the 19 January 2013 by Laurat24

Hi Guys,
***It's A Rich Man's World...***
I'm not going to ramble on about the weather like the whole world seems to be doing at the moment, but I just have to quickly say, how mad is it?!. In Australia it's so hot things are catching on fire, and over here we are dressed like eskimos, while temperatures drop well below antarctic level and we look forward to building a good snowman. Unfortunately, this bout of snow was not enough to guarantee me a snow day. While everyone else seemed to have the day off work or finishing half days, I had to brave the elements for the day whilst wistfully watching the pretty snow fall from behind an office window, *sigh*.
Anyways, the actual reason for this post is the recent news that a premier league footballer apparently won a substantial amount on the National Lottery. £125,000 to be exact. 
On the one hand I think, bloody cheek! He must get thousands of pounds every single week to kick a sodding ball around a pitch, what right does he have to enter the lottery?! Which is taking away a chance from somebody else that might need the money so much more! What on earth does he even want to enter for? Surely someone on that wage wouldn't even consider it?!
On the other hand, no matter what he earns it is a free country and he can buy a ticket no matter how unnecessary that may be, and people shouldn't give him abuse because he won the game fair and square. For all we know he may give the money to charity too, which would be amazing.
Luckily for him, there's a law that prevents him from being named which is the 'non publicity clause'. So no one need ever know who it is. Apparently he chose this to avoid the barrage of abuse he is bound to receive from fans and rivals.
What are your thoughts on this? Do you think high earners are selfish for playing or do you think it's anyone's game?
***It's A Rich Man's World...***

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