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It's Official, I Am Fem-Hunk

Posted on the 13 March 2013 by Missliabilities

It's Official, I Am Fem-Hunk

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Instead of Emma's dreaded Beau Hunk, I am my boyfriend's parents' Fem Hunk.
I wrote this post last week speculating on why M was still not asking after I had dropped everything and moved for him. The largest reason, I believe, was that his parents hate me. I am really thankful for all your comments and I took them to heart for a few days. I didn't bring up marriage or rings and it was a relaxing weekend.
Until last night.
His parents were planning on coming down sometime in the spring to see their son. They weren't keeping us in the loop of their plans and so I kept asking M again and again to throw out certain dates that he and I would both be somewhat available. They wanted to come Easter week, but I nixed that because M had an exam the following Tuesday. I suggested the weekend after, even though it was right before the 4/15 deadline and I would be working a 70+ hour work week. I knew I could squeeze a full day of free time on Sunday.
Last night I asked M if they'd finally decided to come on that Friday, and he said "Oh I told you the other day, they're coming during the WEEK not the WEEKEND."
Dear readers, I tried very hard to keep level headed and think of your calming replies. But I blew up instead.
The parents not only chose the worst time to come, but they are coming on WEEKDAYS.
Now I'm sure you're going to make the same rational arguments as M did:
They are coming to see their son, not you. Very, very true. But I know for a fact that M has mentioned he wants to ask me soon, you would think that they would attempt to come at a time when they could also see me, their potential future daughter in law. We could clear the air, have some bonding time. Now they aren't going to see me AT ALL because I'll be leaving at 7AM and returning at 10:30 PM.
Maybe they don't know about April 15th. Yeah, they've only been paying taxes for 40 years, who could remember April 15th, the most dreaded day for all working adults?
Maybe they didn't know about how busy you would be. Maybe. But I have also thrown out that I work about 60 hours a week during busy season. When they speak to M, he always tells them I'm working long hours. I didn't get home till 10 last night and this isn't the busiest week of tax season.
M says I should talk to them and clear the air and let them know how I feel. You know I feel? I feel I'm ready to be done with this and not even bother going out of my way for them when they clearly don't factor me into any part of their lives or future life.
I wipe my hands clean of this bull shit, but you know what I won't be cleaning? I won't be lifting a damn broom or washing a plate for their presence in my house.
Side: On a positive note they are serving chicken cordon bleu for dinner tonight at work. This is the highlight of my week, tax season expectations are so sad :)

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