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It's Tough Being a Girl

Posted on the 20 August 2017 by Fizz @ThePoetsAlley
It's tough being a girlin a world that is neither progressive nor backward.You have to fight, fight, fight.Sometimes your own expectationsfor standing up for yourself.Sometimes othersfor standing up for yourself.Then there are times when you don't just want to take a stand at all.You want to curl and lay back.But no! The progress of this society rests on your shoulders. A responsibility you did not take!But when you are fighting for your, just your own rights, all alone,you wish you had taken the responsibility.Maybe, just maybe you would get more support.Girls can't drive!You throw like a girl!Clichés. Bias. You want to curl up and cry.What's wrong in the tiny, salty droplets?You are human and a sensitive soul.And each time, you feel stronger,ready to take on the world, let not the ogling or the low mentality get in your way.You have pain, in your back,in your stomach,mood swings, PMS.You want to curl up and sleep.You want to not step outbecause these periods are uneasy and difficult.It's a gift.It's your friend.It's a sign of your productivity,they say.It's a freaking achievement!Feminist. Feminazi. Fem whatever.You made these tags.Then you fight the stereotypes. You judge, sometimes your own kind.You just...You just want to curl and just be you.Whatever that is.

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