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'Juicy-licious'- My 3day Juice Detox

Posted on the 28 January 2015 by Sallygatez @salaminaM

'Juicy-licious'- my 3day juice detoxThe idea to embark on a 3 day juice detox was due to a combination of two factors;  FOMO (fear of missing out) and the fact that I am one of the unfortunate few who have fallen prey to the annual post December slump and bulge.
I heard about it from a couple of people at work who were on it, and naturally I didn't want to miss out. So here's how it works: For 3 consecutive days,  you cut out everything except water and herbal tea from your diet, and all you have by way of a meal is a 250ml juice. Before you start thinking that this is dangerous,  please note that firstly, each juice is packed with more fruits and vegetables than the average person eats in a month and secondly, you get 10 juices to drink in a day. Basically every time you get hungry, you can drink one. (I never got through all 10 in one day, the most I had was 8 in a day.)
So what's in the juices? There are 6 different juice flavours and they all have really cute names like,  'Beet the heat' (beetroot, pears, pineapple, carrot, cucumber & ginger) or there's 'Innergizing Sunrise' (Lemon, grapefruit,  apple, pineapple,  cos lettuce,  cucumber & celery).
Day 1; was the easiest because I was still fired up and excited about it.  Day 2; A walk in the park! I didn't get as hungry as I did the day before.  Day 3; was like climbing uphill backwards. I was grumpy, craving bunny chow and missing chewing so much that I was quite literally ready to snack on anything, including my toenails. So be warned. But did I lose weight? Yes. And did I feel like Popeye after his spinach?Hell yeah !!
Cafe Raw (Hurlingham) does a great programme,  so give them a try. Happy juicing!
'Juicy-licious'- my 3day juice detox

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