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Let Go of That Shell and Come!

Posted on the 21 March 2014 by Brinda @BrindaKrish
There have been times when we were like the dawn and the mist. Waiting on each other. Enjoying that brief spell of the day, for that was our we time, until a new day unfolds. The moment fell short and yet very long. It felt what a mothers' lap feels. It had with it its share of fun that a glass of chilled beer has. Those were the moments where you easily shared your thoughts. Dark secrets and fears and joys and expectations and desires and fantasies; of future, of past, of a world imaginary; of a world of your own. It was that life of your you invited me into and we hugged your fears and cried your tears. We bound our joys by kisses and it doubled until something changed.
Just as the aura of being a stranger disappeared, I began to see glimpses of a part of you that was still in a cocoon. The beautiful silver of it was so elegant, that it could not miss my eyes. I tried that you would discard that skin and see how beautiful the world was. I reminded you of how beautiful the past was and painted pictures of a perfect future just the way you would have liked. But the cocoon turned into a shell. A shell
Let go of that shell and come!which would rarely open. And when it did open, from within, it produced a pearl! A pearl most alluring because it was a gift. A special gift which was for me, to cherish. A pearl so beautiful that it made me forget the cocoon or, of anything ever changing. And I was happy to see you, sailing your life, protected in that shell. But gently came a gigantic hungry tide which en-gulped you. I was there by your side then. Stretching my hands for you. Why did you discard what was meant to assuage you? Did you really have to kill yourself like that? You now live in the lap of the tide that ate you. Living a life of a speck where you, once ruled. You were the king of that land and had it all planned. Where did those dreams go then? Why have you closed yourself in the shell so tight that you do not even open to the sun or, the rain?
Come then! To the shore where I wait for you everyday. Come as yourself or, in the shell. Let the sun fall on to your face. Let the wind blow your hair. Let the rain drops drench your lips and let all these cleanse your heart. For you need a clean heart to love someone. For only with a clean heart, can you love yourself. Let this heart learn to forgive, let this heart learn to forgo. Let this heart not judge. Let this heart not commit any sin. Come so you can live again. Come so that you can be born a king again.
You never have to tackle any problem alone. All you need is faith to wear the yoke that will lessen your burden. 
"Take my yoke upon you and learn from me, for I am gentle and humble in heart, and you will find rest for your souls. For my yoke is easy and my burden is light." Mathew 11:30

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