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Let Me Be- ME!!

Posted on the 03 June 2014 by Harithapk @Hpk_thotzzz
I travel. Travel all alone. Drive away with no destination in mind. Travel in no hurry. Not in haste to reach anywhere on time.  I travel, to a place where nobody has any expectations set. I just trust. Trust the path and travel along to wherever it takes me. I just want to get away from this mad earnestness and get going to somewhere peaceful. A place, so serene, that the benevolent part of mine awakens. A place, where I can get in terms with myself and for one time in life, listen to my mind and identify what is it that I want for myself.
Let me be- ME!!

But, as I travel with no goals and aspirations, I see you. You all are cohorts, in haste and always have someplace to reach. Others amongst you have to escort people who they are with and satisfy their expectations. But, here I am just walking along, with no baggage or burdens, living each moment unlike you. I feel the wind first hit my face, then move behind to push away my hair. As I go along, I see you cautious beings seeking tips on how to reach your destination. Little, do you realize that even the one’s giving directions are as lost as you? You always want to know guidelines and end up following a course already taken. Wherein I, take a road less traveled. Ultimately, I find the path myself.
Yeah! You call me names because of this. Maniac, you say! But I believe I am an enthusiast. Well! Both the words could mean the same to you. You call me a freak not because I am different, not because I am unlike you. But because I choose my own way, because I do not fear, because my choice is not to follow others. You mock me, deride me , ridicule me only because of one reason. The reason being that you can never be me. You cannot ever complete your journey alone. You do not have the courage or the awareness that it’s your life which you spend trying to please all around you. You live your life, the way others want you to. Irony is that, if you ever give it a thought you would never know what you want for yourself. You shall regret all this at the fag end.
The end which is my only objective. The culmination when I will go pleased, knowing that I lived my life, made my own slip-ups. Sometimes learnt from them, sometimes repeated the same mistakes yet again. So what??? In the end, I lived. Unlike all of you who only followed everybody else the entire time.
The legacy you pass on is to trail and to become a follower. And you call me a Maniac?

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