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Posted on the 03 July 2014 by Gracem16 @TSITR_Gracie
Hey guys,
So as you know I'm having difficulties with my uploading on YouTube, for some reason my card has now corrupted all the files T.T. NIGHTMARE. I have SO many SD cards laying about but for some reason they now all disperse.
Anyway, after that disclaimer I want to talk about one of my perhaps favorite places, libraries. Within the week I paid a visit to my local library and was shocked at the lack of people. this was a late afternoon we are talking about here. There was also such a lack of books and such an open space where the books could be, the teen section was smaller than anticipated, books were disorganized, staff bumbled their way around and it was a general disappointment. As once a source of infinite knowledge and enjoyment the library seems to have become buried and forgotten with the rise of bookshops and amazon. One might argue there is simply no need for a library anymore, that they are pointless spaces that aren't simply needed.
However, I feel there is a valuable use for them. If I'm quite honest I don't think many people know that the library where I live exists, with the phasing out of Information Centers, (once more thanks to a rise in technological advancements). Nobody has an intrigue to find out about the library or other public spaces, it can be argued that we (myself included) have become a society too consumed by shopping, dining out, socializing and forget the enjoyment of being alone with a good book. Nobody has time anymore. Naturally I can't speak for all the human species as not everybody enjoys reading, not everybody likes to be alone. However, in an age of technology what use is reading when we have all the reading we need from celebrity magazines and Facebook.
I'm not encouraging you to go through all of Waterstones racking up a £100 bill but I'm asking you to take a look at your local library and get involved with it.  I fear that these amazing spaces will soon be forgotten and the next generation will never get to experience the joy of receiving a free book for a short amount of time.
As a counterpoint, what are libraries doing? Well honestly, not a lot. At least in my own library, they seem to be happy to accept that they are the dying breed. When surely they should not be focusing on the older generation of people but the younger people, these are the people who need to experience the joy of libraries. Parents also need to be on board with this, taking away the three year old's Ipad and Iphone to give them something worth investing in, a good book! Likewise, teenagers should be feeling an interest towards books, I feel that some authors are truly making the effort to involve the younger fan base, maybe J.K Rowling being a prime example of this. However, good Harry Potter is, I feel that teens need to start exploring there own interests more.
Naturally, I'm only a voice in a sea of voices but I hope that whoever reads this takes on board the idea of going to a library, having a browse, even taking just one book.

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