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Life is Beautiful but It is Hard

Posted on the 22 November 2013 by Blueberry @294by10

Life is miraculous and hopeful, and it just won’t stop. Life is crazy, like Narnia and the rabbit hole and the Emerald City. It is like Orange is the New Black, filled with crazy people who are all just trying their best, so leave them alone please?

Life is clean, like a bleached tiled floor. It is chlorine and peroxide, cathartic and cleansing. Life is long, like a Mad Men marathon. It is like a table laden with copious inedible food, and all of today to finish eating it.

Life is deep, like the deep end of a swimming pool. It is endless and free, cold and comforting. Life is like that bit of ice cream stuck at the bottom of your waffle cone, when you really don’t want to eat the cone.

Life is careless, like spoilers on the internet. It is stupid and painful, and you wish you could smack it in the face. Life is like your cousins and best friends, cruel and committed, harsh and heartfelt.

Life is funny, like Penelope Cruz in Vicky Christina Barcelona. It is hilarious and smug, laughing in your face every time you slip up. Life is like old jokes we’ve told each other, exhausting and grounding, vapid and validating.

Life is forceful, like every water body on which you’ve tried rafting. It is daring and dispiriting, addictive and annoying. Life is like a day at the DMV, so far no matter how close.

Life is silly and self-fulfilling, circling the same streets and straying close to home. It is like when you decided to like baseball because it looks like cricket and may be easier to understand. Life is self-indulgent, getting easier with practice.

Life is beautiful, like nature and babies and small animals. It is like birth and death and wondering if there is a soul, like sweeping up bits of dirt to spill them near the edge of the garbage hole. Life is beautiful but it is hard, and if you try for long enough it becomes yours.

Life is beautiful but it is hard

“I feel infinite”- Perks of Being a Wallflower

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