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Lights, camera...Red Carpet!

Posted on the 10 April 2014 by Sallygatez @salaminaM
Behind the beautiful veneer of the Colgate smiles , picture perfect makeup and gleaming gowns is; the scary, scary behind-the-scenes business of getting red carpet ready.
You may or may not know that the past weekend was SAFTA's weekend.  It's supposed to be the biggest night in entertainment, much like the Oscars, because this is where we celebrate the best of the best on Mzansi's big and small screens...and boy do people make sure they look their absolute best.
Designers and stylists (who by the way, do not come cheap for those of us who actually have to pay them for their services), they have their pick of the litter and it's only a select few starlets who have designers falling over themselves to dress them for these occasions. For the rest it means spending your hard earned cents on a dress that will be so photographed- you'll never dare wear it again, not even to your friends brother's Bar mitzvah!
And then there's the cash dropped on makeup, hair, jewels and the shoes. This of course,  is nothing compared to the weeks of sleepless nights worrying about the moment when you'll actually step onto the red carpet; Are they going to like what I'm wearing? What will Shwashwi say about me? Or, what happens if someone has worn this hired dress before?
...and all of this happens unbeknownst to anyone. As one graciously smiles and poses for journalists and bloggers calling out your name...
Lol, it's a tough game this... and some just fare better than others at it.

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