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Posted on the 05 April 2013 by Missliabilities
I'm so tired from this week, I almost pulled back the shower curtain on my naked male roommate thinking it was M and then didn't even feel embarrassed. Too tired to feel anything!
M's family came and went very quickly. I spent a whopping 3 hours with them. His mom seemed surprised that I had to work till 10pm most nights "Well at least you don't work weekends!" No, I work ten hours on Saturdays and some on Sundays close to deadlines. And she seemed like it was SO hard for me to do that. I told her this was paradise next to my last job putting in 65-70.
So, this explains a little bit more about why they don't like me. Oh that whining Elle always bitching about her 40 hour desk job to a construction worker and a nurse. No wonder Elle takes so many vacation days a year! Maybe this will make it better.
So in short: they did nothing except watch Netflix at our house, play with the cat they originally hated on, and went for a walk on a running trail. M is the worst host ever! We are in Pennsylvania where there's a museum or historical building every five feet but he takes them on a shitty running trail next to a highway.
So back to selfish me. As M's mom was leaving she said "Well maybe we can visit when it's not tax season." and in a brief moment of panic I realized that window is extremely small. I wish I hadn't stayed in pubic accounting when I moved here. Everyone says that at least I have downtime at work 6 months of the year. Yes but I still come in 40 hours during that downtime. I'd rather not play solitaire in June and get my weekends back in March and April.
I can't do this for the rest of my life. Everyone has that number in their head of how many bad times they can withstand something repetitive before they crack. I think mine is 5 tax seasons.
A coworker at my last job was loved by all at the firm. She was a hard worker and very knowledgeable. Her number was 4 and she didn't realize it till the last minute. The day she flew back from her honeymoon she texted me 'I don't want to ever be in that office again'. I wrote it off as a joke. We all get that depression before the storm hits. She called a local firm that same day and asked for an interview. She put in her two weeks notice the day after she got back from vacation.
The 45-50 hour busy seasons look good on her. Our other coworkers put in 80 hours last week.
I think my breaking point will be Match Day 2015. I'll walk in on the Saturday and say my last day is April 16. What a fantasy!
10 more days.

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