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Making a Venue Commitment

Posted on the 19 July 2013 by Missliabilities
I'm getting married in a forest by a bubbling stream during brunch time in June. Doesn't that sound absolutely perfect? We are 98% sure we have found the venue. *big sigh of relief* We took a tour of it this morning and watched geese float quietly down the stream while fishermen and runners went past us. The outside of the venue looks old and weathered with an old country sign swinging with the wind. The nearly two century old building has wall-papered walls and smells like firewood. The backyard where we will hold the brunch reception is all stone walls and floors with fans swaying overhead. The bar has airconditioning - our guests will get drunk on mimosas pretty quickly in the day if its hot out.
Mori is going to sweat his little heart out waiting for me at the end of the aisle in the early June sun, but honestly I think everything else is perfect. The groom went into a bit of sticker shock when we started talking logistics, but when I reminded him that this is the only place I've found within my budget, he started to warm up to the idea. Now I just need to let go of the checkbook and start dishing out my savings!
Even though it's been 2.5 weeks since he proposed, I can't believe the range of emotions I've experienced while estimating our budget. It's been difficult since my parents can't help out a signficant amount with the costs like all my friends had for their weddings. I also have the added element of Mori's debt. Should I really spend this much money on one day when I could put it towards Mori's debt and save on a lot of interest later on?
Nope! I want a wedding and I have earned this money all on my own and can choose to spend it whichever way I please. I've tried to be a good daughter-in-law and keep his family in the loop by discussing plans with his mom. She's about as nonchalant as he is on the phone. Hopefully that means she is excited about the nuptials that are taking place in less than a year!
We will put a deposit down on Monday after sending out pictures to the parents. I told the venue coordinator that I hoped the parents liked it and she said "You are the only one paying for it, you and Mori are the only ones who should care." She's right and I need to take that approach as I continue planning. It's my credit card swiping for dress, decor, and music, so I will be the ultimate decision maker.
Dress shopping with my sister tomorrow - should I post pictures on here of the potential rejects and winners? Are y'all sick of the wedding chat already?

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