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Medical Mondays: Med Students Drive Me Crazy

Posted on the 04 March 2013 by Missliabilities
Hello all and welcome to March Medical Mondays!
Medical Mondays: Med Students Drive Me CrazyI am "Elle", a tax accountant who relocated six months ago from Maryland to Pennsylvania to be with my second year medical student "M". We met in college while M was studying for the MCAT and then were long distance for two years, one of which was the first year of medical school. It sucked, but it was great to move in with him after so much time apart, and on the very day med school year #2 started!
I cannot believe that second year classes are almost over. M has four weeks left of class and then a full month off to study for Step One. I have six weeks left before tax season is over. Bah humbug.
So why do med students drive me crazy? M had his psychology unit not too long ago about the different personality disorders. He sent me the slide for Anti Social personality disorder with my dad's name on it and it fit him perfectly.
Then after this unit the couple times I'd bring up personalities, The Roommate (another MS2) would chime in how I was definitely leaning towards Anti Social personality. So he sent me a link with a quick personality assessment and it turned out that his diagnosis was WRONG. Yeah med student stick to your day job of seeing fake patients!
Turns out I'm somewhat Avoidant and Schizotypal but not Anti Social or Narcissistic like he believed I was. Yippee I win the crazy test!
Hard to believe Match Day is next week on Friday. I watched a YouTube video of someone's Match experience and my stomach kept turning in nerves. We still have two years left till that day :)
Can't wait to meet some other bloggers, happy Medical Mondays!

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