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Tracing the Origin of God and Our Universe? Part 1

Posted on the 09 April 2013 by Eternallydeniedsoul

Part 1-
it has been the most debated question of all time,who or what created the universe at the first place,if it was god then who created god?
How did these two supreme entities came into existance?
As a man of both science and faith,it has always been a dilemma to me,to believe in god or not to.
We are all born in a same way i.e. A believer, no one is born atheist,it is the events of our life that changes our perception.
Now,i’m going to present this topic in both manners,as my ego and my alter ego are two different persons on this topic. My brain works in the field of science, and my heart for the teachings of my family.
So the most inevitable question is if god created the universe(i.e. All the matter into it) then who or what made god create us all?
Now we believe in cause and effect,every thing that happens has to have a cause. As in science
Big bang was the cause of our universe to exist.
But as the religions say that god had existed for eternity. The Holy Bible says thet god created the world in 6 days(literally). But we also know according to physicists it took millions of years
.after the big bang to form a suitable condition for life to evolve. Does that mean,our millions of years somehow is 6 days for god,pointing out that god is not bounded into time. He exists perhaps outside time,there are numerous citings in the Holy Bible that god created time. Either he exists out of time,or in all dimensions of time in all universes.So if created time,then it an invalid question,for who created god? Since he would have no beginning or an end.
To understand the difficulty of the question,one has to open his mind to all aspects,and not merely belief,one has to look over the laws of physics,logic and even common sense.
Let us look into a basic fact first,we are talking about the creation of the universe,the universe so vast and so complex that we only know a tiny part of it. So when we think of the supreme entity or the designer of this complex universe,we must not think of it in simple way. If the universe is such complex,to have been designed then obviously the designer must be more complex then the universe itself.
The assertion that the universe “began” to exist is also problematic because timeitself is a feature of the universe, and therefore the universe does not exist “in” time such that we can talk about a time “before the universe” or a time “after the universe.

In part 2(coming soon) we will discuss the most proficient theories regarding the origins of god and our universe.

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