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Posted on the 26 January 2012 by Thefatalfemme @The_Fatal_Femme
I must apologize for being so neglectful of this blog.
I have been busy.
Busy busy busy.
"Exciting stuff!" I hear you cry.
Not really. It is mainly work and sleep that has kept me so amused. Sorry, not amused at all.
Ah, and I had the flu. The proper kind, you know, the kind where you can't get up without fainting.
"I opened the door and in-flu-ensa" I quipped from what appeared to be my deathbed. Indeed, calling it my deathbed sounds a tad over-dramatic. However, when you have your boyfriend perched on the end of the bed, clutching at your hand with the kind of intensity you only find in a Jane Austen novel, you start to feel a bit of a damsel!
Sadly, Colin Firth did not turn up after a refreshing swim in the river. I can't say I wasn't disappointed.
I naively asked my boyfriend to replicate that scene once but the risk of swallowing sewage is far too high in West London. He suggested re-enacting it in the bath. I considered it. It just doesn't have quite the same sensuality to it, does it? Watching a 6"2in man struggling to get in and out of the bath fully clothed...
Yes, so as you can see I've been very busy. But I promise to write more.
I miss it.
Well perhaps not miss it... but when I do write, I always think,
I'm rather harsh on myself aren't I?
Watch this space...

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