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***Mini Rant Alert*** | PDA Couples (Public Display Of Affection)

Posted on the 04 February 2013 by Laurat24
Hi Guys!
***Mini Rant Alert*** | PDA couples (Public Display Of Affection)I have been prompted to do this post by the seemingly endless Facebook statuses and pics from people who feel the need to tell the world how much they love their boyfriend/girlfriend every couple of hours. E.g. (Taken from a real Facebook status posted earlier) "can't wait to see my baby in an hour!" Two hours later... " having such a good time with my baby! " ( you get the general idea) well love, ur not having that great of a time if you're bothering to update your status yet again! 
The other week I was on the bus home from work when a particularly 'enthusiastic' couple plonked themselves down in front of me and proceeded to, in what can only be described as, eating each others faces off. It was quite horrific, what with all the squelchy saliva noises and tongues popping out everywhere. I was extremely annoyed to have to have a front row seat to this ott expression of affection. So I did what any normal person would do and turned my headphones right up and stared determinedly out of the window until they got off. I was definitely one of many who breathed a sigh of relief when they finally buggered off. 
I know I sound a bit like I've swallowed a bitter pill but don't get me wrong. I'm all for being in love, and a quick kiss in the street and holding hands are perfectly fine but when you are on public transport or in the middle of the shop and are practically dry humping your partner in full view, it's extremely inappropriate. I have a boyfriend and he is a lovely person. Our relationship is strong enough that we do not, nor have we ever, felt the need to consistently declare our love for each other on social networks, or pounce on each other in public, I don't think it makes you more of a couple by doing these things. 
Nobody wants to know how madly in love you are or how you've just been made a cheese sandwich by your amazingly thoughtful gorgeous partner bla bla bla. 
So next time you have a mad urge to attack your other half in public with your tongue, or post your 6th sickly status of the day, please spare a thought for the rest of us who would like very much not to be put off our lunch. ***Mini Rant Alert*** | PDA couples (Public Display Of Affection)

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