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Multiply Your Wardrobe With Awesome Hosiery

Posted on the 15 November 2018 by Rachael Dunne @WhatRachDidNext

Some awesome hosiery is a great way to multiply your wardrobe options. Perfect for a weekend away if you’re only taking carry on luggage. Or if you’re just not sure what the weekend holds, a few pairs of funky tights are great to have tucked away. Hosiery, particularly fashion tights are the quickest and easiest way to completely transform your outfit and hardly takes up any space. Last weekend, I wore the same black skirt and trusty DM’s and nobody noticed. The only thing anyone commented on all weekend was how fabulous my legs looked!

Pow! Purple Hosiery

The original outfit I had on was a pair of plain, opaque, purple hosiery. This matched perfectly with my purple jumper and sparkly handbag. These tights are Sophie 70 denier in magenta by Oroblu. Despite being 70 denier, they’re not completely opaque, which I like. They are nice and warm though, perfect for being outside on a crisp, sunny autumn day.

Multiply Your Wardrobe With Awesome Hosiery

Rach wearing purple 70 deniery hosiery on a chilly day

" data-orig-size="1000,999" data-image-title="Purple Tights" aperture="aperture" />Purple haze in purple hosiery

Sparkly Tartan Hosiery

My second outfit change was a black T-shirt and an oversized cardigan. You may recognize this from my visit to Bramhall Hall a few weeks ago. The hosiery I chose to go with this outfit was Oroblu My Plaid in blue. I didn’t realize when I bought them but these tights have a really subtle lurex stripe running through them which gives the cutest sparkle. These tights are actually 60 denier but seemed more opaque and actually a little warmer than the others. Possibly due to the fact that the tartan is woven, rather than printed so there loose ends of the fibres inside add a little thickness. This isn’t noticeable when wearing them, they just feel really snuggly and soft.

Multiply Your Wardrobe With Awesome Hosiery

Rach out for drinks at Remedy bar in Stockport wearing funky, sparkly tartan tights

" data-orig-size="980,735" data-image-title="Tartan Tights" data-orig-file="https://i2.wp.com/www.whatrachdidnext.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_20181111_170430-e1542318241740.jpg?fit=980%2C735&ssl;=1" aperture="aperture" />Rach out for drinks in funky, sparkly tartan tights

Classy, Black And Gold Lurex Hosiery

My third and final outfit of the weekend was a total cheat! It was exactly the same as the second one, all I swapped was my hosiery. Is that skanky? I don’t care, these tights are gorgeous! They’re called Deejey by Trasparenze and they’re mainly black with little flecks of gold lurex in them. I have a confession to make, these tights sat in my drawer for almost a year before I tried them on. I’m so pleased I got around to it though! I expected them to be much sheerer than they are so I didn’t think I’d had an opportunity to wear them. Actually, now I’ve worn them once, I fear I may end up living in them! They are actually only 50 denier but cotton rich so they feel more like 100. You could totally wear these tights on a freezing cold bonfire night or for trapesing around town on NYE. They are snuggly and stylish and I absolutely love them!

Multiply Your Wardrobe With Awesome Hosiery

The third outfit in managed to create from the same black skirt and top, with the addition of some black hosiery with gold lurex flecks

" data-orig-size="980,735" data-image-title="Rach in sparkly hosiery" data-orig-file="https://i1.wp.com/www.whatrachdidnext.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_20181111_181527-e1542320330725.jpg?fit=980%2C735&ssl;=1" height="735" width="980" data-medium-file="https://i1.wp.com/www.whatrachdidnext.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/2018/11/IMG_20181111_181527-e1542320330725.jpg?fit=300%2C225&ssl;=1" data-image-meta="{" data-permalink="https://www.whatrachdidnext.co.uk/awesome-hosiery/rpt-2/" aperture="aperture" />Rach in sparkly, black tights. The third outfit I’ve managed to put together just by mixing up my hosiery!

Gorgeous Italian Designer Hosiery

Both the brands I’ve mentioned in this post, Trasparenze and Oroblu are Italian. Trasparenze have been my favorite brand since I discovered them a couple of years ago. Oroblu hosiery is very similar in quality and they make some stunning designs! Both of these hosiery designers create some beautiful fashion tights but you need to watch out with their sizing as they seem to run small. Both are available from UKTights which is my go-to site for hosiery as they have the most beautiful designs which are fantastic quality for the price. They also have a really inspiring blog which a mind-blowing source of information about hosiery. You should seriously check it out before you buy tights again, it’s a great source of inspiration.

So come on, please tell me. Do you think it’s skanky of me to wear the same outfit all weekend and just change my tights or is it acceptable?

Rach x

*I actually bought these tights, I just loved them so much I had to share them with you!

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